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BOCA RATON, Fla., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The CBD supplement industry is exploding in America with consumers looking for the best way to receive the health benefits of hemp-infused products.

Recent research suggests that CBD relieves chronic pain, reduces anxiety, decreases inflammation, improves digestion and helps treat seizures. But traditional CBD supplements only offer consumers a 20 percent absorption rate, which may minimize most of the health benefits and allows the body to excrete most of the CBD.  

However, a Canadian company plans to roll out Armourgenix™ Sport hemp-infused supplements in America this year. This product will increase the body’s absorption rate allowing it to use almost all of the water-soluble and give the maximum health benefit that CBD can provide.

“While other CBD products are often absorbed sublingually or by digestion, our Amourgenix™ product line delivers CBD to the cellular level,” said Lisa Little, CEO of CBIO Brand Development, which is based in Vancouver. “We developed our brand that uses a patented oligopeptide raw ingredient that allows for CBD absorption at much higher rates.”

The Armourgenix™ Sport product line includes:

  • Armourgenix™ Sport Pre-Workout Formula with 600 mg. of CBD, which should be taken prior to working out or as an energy booster.
  • Armourgenix™ Sport Active for Men with 600 mg. of CBD, which should be taken daily to provide added energy, muscle growth and stamina.
  • Armourgenix™ Active for Women with 600 mg. of CBD, which is specifically developed for females and includes DIM, a plant-derived ingredient which helps to maintain optimal estrogen concentrations. Healthy levels of estrogen improve muscle strength which helps keep the body in peak condition.

Little said people using Amourgenix products would absorb about 95 percent of the active ingredient.

“The Armourgenix™ Sport product line safely delivers CBD at the cellular level which makes our products not only unique but effective,” Little said. “CBIO’s mission is to deliver superior, professionally formulated hemp-derived CBD products, which are powered by the patented oligopeptide technology. This gives the consumer maximum absorption and maximum benefit.”

For more information about Armourgenix™ Sport products, call 561-544-0719.

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