CBDepot emphasizes natural pain relief and the healing power of hemp


By Andy Stonehouse
Photography by Timothy Seibert

For anyone who remembers the social stigma and even legal issues related to marijuana-related products – back in the dark ages, a half-decade ago – things have certainly changed quickly here in Colorado.

But a new outlet of a growing Northern Colorado chain of holistic medical businesses seeks to change people’s opinions about the healing power of the larger hemp family, with care products that are legal anywhere in the U.S.

CBDepot will be celebrating the debut of its new Loveland/Fort Collins location, located on the southern edge of town at 6617 S. College Ave. (the intersection of Hwy. 287 and W. Trilby Ave.), with a grand opening party on July 21.

As its name suggests, CBDepot specializes in CBD products. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, a non-psychoactive extract which has been used in holistic applications ranging from pain relief to quelling anxiety.

Marisa Williams, who manages CBDepot’s two other stores in Estes Park and Fort Collins, says she hopes Loveland area residents will visit and discover a range of products that focus on the healing aspect of the long-controversial plant, versus its recreational effects – the ones related to THC, the narcotic chemical in marijuana that is the bread and butter of the dozens of medical and recreational dispensaries in the state.


That said, sales of products at CBDepot are still limited to customers 18 and over.

“CBD doesn’t get you high, and everything we sell has less than 1 percent THC in it,” she says. “Industrial hemp products can be sold as long as they’re 0.3 percent THC or less, as part of the state and federal Farm Bill.”

CBDepot’s product lineup is quite different than the high-THC CBD medications sold at those Colorado-only dispensaries, which can be as high as 3 percent. The company, is a spinoff of owner David Watson’s Kind Care of Colorado, which does offer traditional and more heavily-regulated marijuana products, next door to CBDepot.

The move to specialize in CBD has provided a new opportunity, and Williams says she hopes customers will come in and see if they can shake some of the mystery attached to the entire field.
“We’re the biggest supplier of CBD products in Northern Colorado, and we mainly stock stuff made by Colorado companies – we do have competition, but they mainly sell their own products, whereas we’re trying to be inclusive. We are hoping to expand, as well, maybe even into other states, as CBD is legal in all 50 states.”

Williams, who has worked in the marijuana business since 2009, initially as an activist and later as a company manager, says the positives of CBD products include a range of pain relief and health benefits, with a wide range of products to provide different usage options.

“CBD is ideal for pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and even dealing with anxiety and depression – we’ve ended up with a lot of seniors as clients, who’ve been using the products for those issues,” she says. “We’re really focused on education, and relief.”

Other users say they’ve seen benefits of CBD’s value as an antiproliferative agent, used to slow or stop the spread of tumors and cancer growth.

As is the case with other holistic products, Williams suggests potential patients do their research, and she suggests Project CBD’s website (projectcbd.com) as a good, neutral spot to learn about the benefits and side-effects related to cannabis therapy.

CBDepot 2

CBDepot’s product lineup reflects the versatility of the natural substance, with medication-styled tinctures, capsules and sleep syrups, plus a wider variety of infused food products including coffee, teas, honey, chocolates and gummies. Similar to dispensaries, but devoid of anything but a trace of that critical THC, CBDepot also sells shatter, vape cartridges and e-juice.

CBD’s usage isn’t restricted to humans, either, as the store sells a variety of pet-friendly products – tinctures, and dog and cat treats. Williams says she’s had lots of pet owners say that CBD has been particularly effective as a natural anti-seizure medication for their dogs.

To round out its stock, CBDepot also has some broader products, including hemp dog collars and dog beds, as well as locally-made tie-dyed clothing.

CBDepot opened its Fort Collins store in April and its Estes Park location in June, and Williams says customers have appreciated the wide array of largely Colorado-focused goods, plus the education that she and her staff have been able to provide to first-time users.

“Response has been great, and people have been very excited that we’re here,” Williams says.

Williams has big plans for the store’s July 21st grand opening, which will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. In addition to showcasing CBDepot’s wide range of products, there will be free yoga on the lawn outside the store, from 10 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. The store will also be serving up CBD-infused mocktails, with other vendors and free henna tattoos.

I’m optimistic about what’s coming up,” she said.

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