CBD Treatment Case Tourettes

In our ongoing campaign to ensure public appreciation for the widespread efficacy of CBD when administered as treatment or therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, we have covered a number of different physiological issues and concerns, including a great many that center on some form of regulatory problem.

In recent years, scientists and researchers have made great strides in understanding the properties and applications of this remarkable substance. Given that research, we have seen a cottage industry develop providing for access to CBD.

Some of the conditions that have fueled the rise of this focus in the scientific community have dealt with issues that are centered on cognitive functionality. One such issue is Tourette’s syndrome.

Understanding Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome – or TS for short – is a rare neuropsychiatric disorder that tends to manifest itself in its initial states during childhood. Centrally, Tourette’s is defined by motor and verbal involuntary gestures.

Sometimes called a “tic”, these involuntary gestures are often recurrent, instantaneous, and arrhythmic issues that exhibit expression from the motor and vocal circuitry of the body.

These movements or vocalizations can be either visible or invisible to outside observers. Obviously, the more difficult symptoms to deal with for those suffering from this terrible condition are those that are highly visible, presenting the additional pain and suffering involved in the social stigma that accompanies actions or words well outside of anticipated social scripts.

In terms of pathogenesis, Tourette’s is generally considered to be predominantly genetic. In other words, this is a hereditary condition according to our understanding of it at this point.

CBD and Tourette’s Syndrome

To kick off this part of the discussion, right off the bat, we already have research evidence suggesting a material positive correlation between administration of CBD and a quelling of the principal symptoms that define Tourette’s syndrome for those suffering from this awful condition.

This shouldn’t be particularly surprising given that we have seen positive results from CBD where conditions such as joint pain, spasticity, cancer, and perhaps most primarily, anxiety, are concerned.

That said, full documentation on the positive impact of CBD relative to Tourette’s syndrome has yet to be perfectly framed, and more research is necessary.

However, we do know some interesting things. For example, a powerful report by NCBI has been cited in a number of instances to prove this out.

This report bears evidence that CBD clearly dampens motor system and vocal related involuntary actions associated with Tourette’s syndrome. In this report, 64 identified Tourette’s syndrome patients were interviewed about their symptomology as well as their experience with cannabidiol.

17 of them provided clear data. 14 of those 17 – roughly 82% – reported a reduction or complete remission of these involuntary activities associated with Tourette’s syndrome based on their use of CBD.

In addition, other evidence suggests that CBD has an impact on obsessive compulsive disorder.

As may be clear to those familiar with this condition, Tourette’s syndrome has a high prevalence of comorbidity with OCD. That’s why it may be interesting to note that CBD has been shown to have an important impact on symptomology associated with both of these disorders.

In addition, hyperactivity, aggression, and the mirroring of observed behaviors are also prevalent comorbid conditions in those suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. That’s why it should be good news to understand that the research appears to suggest – particularly according to recent published evidence in the Journal of Neuro- pharmacology – that CBD may actually positively impact all of these associated conditions.

There is certainly a lot of work yet to be done, but the breadth and depth of research is beginning to weigh in heavily as we form a basis in a platform for our legislative response to data that clearly indicates that this rare disease can be positively impacted by CBD.

Source: https://factsaboutcbd.org/2018/08/16/cbd-treatment-case-tourettes/

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