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Everyone knows that tea is good for you. For centuries, mothers and grandmothers have urged family members to drink “a nice cup of tea” at the first sign of a fever or the sniffles.

They probably didn’t have CBD tea in mind. Even if they had known about the medicinal properties of the compound, they certainly would still have recoiled at the idea of pushing cannabinoids on their loved ones – despite the fact that CBD is not psychoactive.

Chinese culture, however, has always been more open-minded. At the urging of a Chinese emperor, hemp tea became a popular medicinal tool among his subjects nearly five thousand years ago. And for centuries, hemp tea (in one form or another) has been consumed both for health and recreational purposes in nations as widespread as India and Jamaica.

Of course, there’s a major difference between weed tea and CBD tea. When the beverage is made from high-quality flower, the THC provides a mellow high similar to the one produced by edibles. CBD tea, on the other hand, is used more for relaxation, pain relief, and other health benefits.

The actual process of making the two teas is similar, but the tips that follow are more specifically aimed at helping you brew a perfect cup of CBD tea.

Making CBD Tea: The Easiest Ways

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Some vendors now sell CBD teabags, and using them is the fastest way to make a cup of CBD tea. Ground CBD powder (often produced from CBD oil) is combined with other organic products inside the teabag, and all you have to do is steep the bag in hot or boiling water. Presto! You have CBD tea that is tasty, enjoyable, relaxing, and simple to make. CBD tea bags are available in a number of varieties, from chamomile or ginger, to chai or matcha.

Another approach that doesn’t require much work is to stir a teaspoon of natural CBD oil (or a few drops of CBD tincture) into your cup of tea. Not just any oil will do, however, since CBD oil is not naturally water-soluble and won’t be absorbed into the hot water. (Oil and water don’t mix, remember?)

The way to get around this problem is to use a brand of oil that’s specifically labeled “water-soluble,” which means the CBD oil has been broken down into tiny nanoparticles that are more easily absorbed. It also helps if the CBD oil contains an effective carrier oil like MCT, which will help your body absorb the CBD after it enters your system. Water-soluble oils, naturally, are available in a variety of flavors, and different types of oil (and tea) will serve different medicinal purposes.

Teabags, and tea made from oil, will provide many of the benefits of CBD. But if you want the full relaxation and health benefits this tea can produce, the best way to make CBD tea is to do it from scratch.

Do-It-Yourself CBD Tea Recipe

This recipe works equally well for weed tea and CBD tea, but it’s been designed to make use of the CBD contained in the cannabis plant’s trimmings and stems. If you want a real buzz from your tea, use the buds instead.

  1. Decarb the plant material: The process of decarboxylation is required to activate the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) in the cannabis plant. To decarb, grind the herb (but stop grinding before it becomes a fine powder), and bake it in a 225° oven for an hour.
  2. Blend 3 grams of herb with one cup of milk (make sure it’s full-fat milk, which will better absorb the CBD), ½ teaspoon of vanilla and 1/8 cup of coconut oil (which will also absorb the CBD). Leave at room temperature for 60 minutes.
  3. Simmer (don’t boil) the herb mixture with ½ cup of water and an infuser filled with your favorite tea blend, for 20 minutes.
  4. Add sweetener if desired.

This recipe makes two cups of tea and can be doubled to make four cups if desired.

Source: https://www.weednews.co/cbd-tea/

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