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Hemp is popping up in Iowa in the form of cannabidiol, but a recent raid is sparking confusion over the product and who can sell it.

Law enforcement in Fayette County raided a store selling cannabidiol products earlier this month. One business owner who sells hemp CBD oil in the corridor said she continues to sells because she believes it is making a difference for her clients.

“There are CBD stores, it seems like every corner that you go,” said Your CBD Store owner Rebecca Ramker.

Ramker owns five CBD stores in the state, which includes two in Cedar Rapids.

“I want to help people the natural way,” she said.

She said creams, gummies, and oils have helped dozens of people overcome pain and anxiety.

“Everything started with an injury many years ago, and it resulted in nerve damage in my neck,” said Mike Havenhill. “The differences that I could tell [using CBD], I mean in hours, was phenomenal.”

The Iowa Department of Public Health said only the five dispensaries they regulate are authorized to sell CBD and would consider any other CBD products sold in the state illegal.

“You know it does make everybody worry if you’re going to get in trouble or not, but just the people that we’re helping, I mean, every day I love coming to work,” said Ramker. “People are coming in thanking us.”

“This is something that law enforcement is really trying to get their head around,” said Major Chad Colston with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement have seen how other agencies have removed CBD off shelves in recent months, Colston wants to know more about the products being sold.

“if we had a situation where we were going to do something like this, it would be in conjunction with the county attorney and what their legal opinion is on this,” he said. “I don’t think we want to have a knee jerk reaction.”

Ramker sells hemp-based CBD products derived from the cannabis plant, but they do not contain traces of THC. THC is the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high.

Yet, there are currently no laws allowing the sale of hemp products. Current legislation going through the statehouse could soon allow for the manufacturing of industrial hemp in the state. If this happens, it could allow pave the way for IDPH to make changes on who can sell CBD and begin to lessen the gray area for those who sell products like Ramker.

“We got to take it day by day because we are helping so many people,” she said.

Source: http://cbs2iowa.com/news/local/cbd-stores-continue-popping-up-in-iowa-despite-questions-on-legality

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