CBD store now open in Grand Island – NTV

CBD store now open in Grand Island. (NTV News)

Despite current laws, a new dedicated store for those who do use cannabidiol just opened in late January in Grand Island.

CBD American Shaman, located at 2834 Old Fair Rd., sells topical and ingested forms of CBD without containing the THC.

Owner Brad Scellin said he started taking CBD after a friend told him how much it helped with medical issues.

“A lot of people that have been coming in already know something about CBD,” Scellin said. “They’ve already done some research and they know the benefits of it and they’re wanting to take the chance because people who come in here you know, they’re kind of at the end of their rope, they’ve taken, they’ve went down every other path they can go down to and the still have pain , and they want to try something that will help them.”

Scellin said CBD naturally supplements what the body already produces.

The controversy around the product comes from a directive from Attorney General Doug Peterson, who says CBD oil is still listed as a controlled substance.

Nebraska lawmakers are currently looking to remove cannabidiol as a controlled substance with LB659. The bill has a hearing set for Feb. 20.

Source: http://nebraska.tv/news/local/cbd-store-now-open-in-grand-island

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