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WAUSAU, WI (WAOW) – With the legalization of industrial hemp, CBD has been showing up at restaurants and businesses across Central Wisconsin. Within the last few months, Family Video has started selling CBD products.

“The first reaction is usually surprise, like ‘oh, why is Family Video selling this,’” said Jordan Sheets, the General Manager at the Wausau and Weston locations. Overall, he said the feedback has been positive.

“I know there’s a lady who that uses it for insomnia and it helps her sleep,” Sheets said about one customer. He said others use it for pain relief and anxiety.

The idea to start selling CBD at the stores came from the CEO of the company who used it to treat his own pain.

“It started with his personal experience and just wanting to provide a reliable and consistent product to our customers,” said Levi Dinkla, the President of Enterprise Development for Highland Ventures (the parent company of Family Video).

He also said selling CBD at their stores means people can buy it from a company they already know.

“If you do want to try CBD, you’re at least trying it with a company that’s been around, has a reputation with the community,” Dinkla said.

Family Video sells CBD oil, balms, gummy bears and even products for pets. The company said it’s products have zero THC in them. THC is the component in hemp that causes a high.

There are only two Family Video locations in the Northland: One in Ashland and the other in Ironwood, MI.

CBS 3 reached out to both the Ironwood and Ashland Family Video stores to see if they have been selling CBD products.

An employee from the Ironwood store confirmed with CBS 3 that they have been selling it for about a month now, and she said so far, it has been a success as people have been curious about the idea, and some people who have tried the product have returned because they have enjoyed the product.

An employee from the Ashland location confirmed they are selling the products as well, but it is unclear how long they had been selling it.

Source: https://cbs3duluth.com/top-stories/2019/05/15/cbd-products-now-being-sold-at-family-video/

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