CBD Oil Store to Open in Superior

Store sells oil derived from hemp that contains none or very small amounts of THC

SUPERIOR, Wis. – A new store in Superior will soon be selling hemp-based CBD products.

CBD is said to treat everything from pain to epilepsy to anxiety and doesn’t give users a high like marijuana.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil was recently approved by the FDA to treat epilepsy through a doctor’s prescription, but many users say the product derived from hemp can be effective in treating many other conditions like anxiety and pain.

Superior city councilor Craig Sutherland has multiple sclerosis.

He’s used prescription drugs to treat his pain but says CBD oil is the most effective treatment he’s tried.

“Any other prescription drug I’ve used, I kind of get groggy, slow,” explained Sutherland. “This stuff, it keeps me going. I love it.”

Sutherland’s family will soon open Apple House CBD at 1613 Tower Avenue.

“I’ve been using it and I feel great and I think other people should be able to use that and benefit off that as well,” said Sutherland.

CBD oil can be bought at certain health and vitamin stores in the Northland but, according to Sutherland, no other special store exists in the area that knows the distributor of their CBD waters, butters, and oils first hand.

He says the products can be used by kids, adults, and animals.

“Because of the fourth of July, a lot of dogs get anxiety because of the fireworks and this calms them down and we’ve sold it and people have said that it’s helped with their animal,” explained Sutherland.

Though the pills, waters, and creams are made from hemp, they contain very little THC, the chemical in marijuana that gives users a high.

“Hemp and marijuana are two different things,” said Sutherland. “You can’t get high off hemp so that’s not what we’re trying to push. We’re trying to push the healthy side of it.”

Apple House CBD is expected to open in July, giving Superior residents another option to treat various conditions.

“Superior is known to pull together when a small business opens up, they support it, they’ll try it out and that’s what’s good about our city and I can’t wait to see the people that come in and try our product and realize that it’s a great product and they keep coming back,” said Sutherland.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, if the oil is produced in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and has a very low concentration of THC, a retailer may import and sell it.

Source: https://www.fox21online.com/2018/07/03/cbd-oil-store-to-open-in-superior/

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