CBD Oil law goes into effect

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this new law — more clearly specifies — how c-b-d oil products can be packaged and what ingredients they can contain. milburn healthmart pharmacy in sullivan, indiana already sells c-b-d oil. customers can buy it over the counter. pharmacist devin ice says c-b-d oil has been a popular product for patients managing pain. devin ice, pharmacist, says, “when we first started selling all the cbd oil, i mean, we were selling bottles and bottles everyday, having to reorder frequently.” right now… all c-b-d oil products must contain less than point-zero-three precent t-h-c… that’s the part that can get you high. this law remains the same. beginning july 1st… retailers — like this pharmacy — will only be able to sell c- b-d oil products that comply with state testing and packaging requirements. ice says, “they have to have a q r code that then links back to the company to show basically what all each batch had in it. so, you know, you could check to see if there is any harsh chemicals or metals or anything like that. covered: everything has to be third party tested which is what the q r code goes back to.” while it’s not law yet… milburn pharmacy is already complying. ice says, “a hundred percent. anyone who’s already buying cbd oil from milburn pharmacy will basically not see a difference as we’ve already made sure that the companies we buy from are already compliant.” one customer says he’s been using c-b-d oil for several months for back pain instead of other drugs. tim church, linton, says, “there are some that work better but then the side effects of those and the attitudes toward opioids and things like that in the country it’s definitely a problem so it’s kind of nice to have an alternative that doesn’t have all those ramifications.” with this law… c-b-d oil products must also be certified showing they come from industrial hemp and not marijuana. back to you. the day that a lot of people have

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