CBD oil is good for even more than you thought – Chicago Tribune

Tamara Pridgett tried CBD oil for the first time and found that it helped her with sleep — which is a fairly well known use for CBD — and left her feeling less sore, likely a result of CBD’s documented anti-inflammatory properties. The reaction that may sound surprising is that she felt more alert. She wrote that, “My brain is constantly operating on overload, and I have days where I can’t focus on anything except for all my thoughts, incomplete tasks, and ending up alone. I decided to take half a dropper 30 minutes before heading into work to see what would happen. In my opinion, I had a very productive day at work…” She also wrote that she found it helped her focus better on her writing.

Source: https://www.chicagotribune.com/marijuana/sns-tft-cbd-oil-is-good-for-even-more-than-you-thought-20190813-mnn32jkxjjbfpgkuy73fuppney-story.html

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