CBD knifeman’s sister: ‘He punched and choked me’ – Sunshine Coast Daily

THE sister of accused CBD knifeman Mert Ney made a complaint to police alleging he punched her in the face and choked her six days before the rampage in Sydney’s CBD.

The Daily Telegraph had revealed that Ney was wanted for questioning over the allegations relating to a domestic violence incident with a relative.

His sister Yazel confirmed she was the complainant in the incident at the family home in Marayong, Sydney’s west, last Wednesday.

Police were called to the family home after unemployed Ney, 21, allegedly punched his sister.

“He ran at me, punched and choked me, I couldn’t breathe,” she said.

She said her brother had battled anxiety, OCD, depression and schizophrenia for years and a person who would slash a woman’s throat and stab another was a “monster”.

“What happened to those two women is tragic, I feel disgusted,” she said.

Yazel said she was upset about her brother’s alleged actions.

“He’s struggled for a long time but I can’t pinpoint where it began.”

Police said they found Ney in possession of a USB with information about the New Zealand massacre and similar killings in the US after he was crash tackled to the ground.

Witnesses also reported him saying “Allahu Akbar”.

“He’s not a terrorist, god no, he’s messed up, I wish I could fix it but I can’t do anything,” his sister said.

“The family of the deceased is still grieving, and will be mourning for a long time, and I don’t feel comfortable with him being painted in a positive light, as that would invalidate their feelings.”

It will be alleged Ney presented at Blacktown Hospital Emergency Department suffering from a drug overdose after the domestic violence incident but fled through the ambulance doors at 6.15am. Police were later informed.

His sister revealed he regularly absconded from had a history of treatment at hospital mental health departments.

Two months ago he was given a conditional release order at Blacktown Local Court after being caught with found in possession of knuckledusters.

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