CBD Industry is Growing in Michigan; 572 Licenses Issued to the Hemp Producers in November – London Daily Post

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CBD products are getting popularity in all the states in the US. This industry is looking for a clear regulatory landscape in Michigan. CBD products’ health benefits are making it favorite in the crowd. They are everywhere in Michigan and are considered great wellness products.

These products are being found on shelves of Kroger and Family Video too, where consumers are buying CBD oils, relaxing syrups, bath products, and lotions. Some people are buying CBD products to feed themselves and their pets.

There are many retail stores in the US which are selling the CBD products and are expecting growth of 300% in sales for 2019. The local market is now full of the first harvest of industrial hemp. Michigan’s pilot program is supported by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who considers the hemp industry as an enterprise creator.

In the first week of November, Michigan had issued 572 licenses to the hemp producers and 433 permits for processor handlers. There is a possibility that the CBD oil made in Michigan will be available in December or in January.

Hemp producers are growing hemp that does not contain THC content more than 0.3%. And its use as CBD product is bringing a lot of health benefits from physical ailments like pain, anxiety, stress and even sleep disorders.

Federal law based on the 2018 Farm Bill has made hemp-derived CBD production legal in the market. The CBD industry is booming with a consistent quality of products and regulations made by the authorities.

Source: https://londondailypost.com/cbd-industry-is-growing-in-michigan-572-licenses-issued-to-the-hemp-producers-in-november/

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