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Utah women are working to break the stigma when it comes to cannabis by bringing designer CBD products into your home.

Say goodbye to Mary Kay.

Your Avon lady has a new gig.

They’re called the Healthy Honeys.

The products are made by women for women with the goal of changing perceptions while educating people on the use of CBD oil.

Denver native Shannon Donnelly started the company 5 years ago. She’s worked in Colorado’s regulated cannabis industry for 12 years.

Donnelly said:

We’re definitely not the only CBD company out there, but we’re one of the only ones that’s specifically for women.

She started the company because of her own experience with CBD oil.

Donnelly said:

I was dealing with really, really horrible anxiety and really, really horrible depression, to the point where I was having suicidal ideations.

CBD, she said, was able to help her cope with her anxiety and depression.

The Honeys host parties and will come to your home selling CBD products like lotions, oils, bath salts, creams, even CBD coffee. For many of the women, it’s a side hustle that’s paying off.

“When we have parties, we can make anywhere from $500-$2,000,” Donnelly said.

The parties are attracting women like Lilly Osborne, an oncology nurse, and online fitness trainer.

“I started because I have a low back injury, a side joint dysfunction,” Osborne said.

While the Healthy Honeys home party was her first CBD party, she’s been using CBD oil for months after she was injured on the job.

“I went to chiropractors and therapists and tried everything and nothing really brought relief until I started CBD,” Osborne said.

Some though, are cautious of the growing CBD trend.

“It’s kind of like the wild, wild west,” Gary Garner, a physician with Intermountain Healthcare at Utah Valley Hospital, said he sees CBD products like what the Healthy Honeys are selling all the time.

“Cannabinoids are a new, big, glitzy product right now,” Garner said.

His patients often come to him looking for his advice.

“They put a big box of cannabinoid products on my desk and say what should I take? What dosage should I take? How many droppers of this?”

Garner said, CBD, in its pure form, has many health benefits.

“We know that it has anti-inflammatory effects. I can very positive effects for bowel inflammatory diseases,” he said.

Garner said he’s seen patients with arthritis who have relieved significant pain with CBD oil, but he said patients need to know where it’s coming from and that can be difficult.

“I have concerns whenever there are claims made that this is a medication that is safe that anybody can use and dosages are not well established. That worries me,” Garner said.

Doctors do not have a lot of information on how CBD and hemp products interact with other medications.

“That’s what’s very difficult for me a physician. When I prescribe prescription medications, I know within 5 -10% what I am prescribing. What milligram per dosage unit. When I comes to CBD oils, I’m told or I look at a package, but it’s not prescription. It’s not regulated,” Garner said.

Donnelly said the Healthy Honeys make sure their products are 100 percent THC free.

“We get every single product tested, by the batch and by the extract that goes into it,” she said.

But when it comes to this new industry that’s gaining popularity, Garner urges you to be careful of what you buy.

“I would caution people to do their homework,” he said, “I couldn’t prescribe it. I couldn’t recommend it. I would say try it. See if it works. If it’s working for you then that’s great.”

Under Utah law, CBD products must be registered with the state department of agriculture to be sold in Utah. Healthy Honeys said they are in the process of registering their products.

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