CBD for your Pet: Is it Beneficial?

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By Linda Pecone

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis. Though it is a relatively new supplement for pets, it has proven itself to be a serious medical benefit for animals. It’s a safe, non-toxic, natural, effective, non-prescription treatment for pet inflammation, arthritis, pain, seizure-related health problems, anxiety, and it’s completely legal. CBD, not to be confused with THC from marijuana, does not have psychoactive effects. It will not get your pet high. As a matter of fact, it has very few side effects and cannot be overdosed. The only side effects seen in pets has been drowsiness.
Studies show that cannabinoids have a strong affinity for the brain and nervous tissue, and are able to easily cross the blood-brain barrier. One of the most common uses of CBD for pets is its use for anxiety and behavior issues. In the case of emotional illness post-traumatic stress disorder for example, CBD use has had a marked effect on it. It also has proven use for hyperactivity at very low doses. (This is helpful as CBD products can be expensive.)

CBD is also being studied for its use in pain management. This is the area in which CBD has been most researched. There is a significant amount of evidence available. Because cannabinoids work differently in the body than narcotics and also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they can be used together without the risk of drug interactions.
For pets suffering with the pain of cancer and cancer treatment, the use of CBD can be helpful. It not only treats the pain but helps with appetite.  There’s also evidence CBD may shrink tumors. However, it has been noted that if CBD is discontinued, the cancer returns.

With so many studies showing the benefits of CBD, the most encouraging is that it appears to be safe for pets, even in high doses for extended periods of time. CBD oil could be a healthy (or even life-saving) herb for your pet. More and more pet owners and holistic vets are drawn to its diverse and marked health benefits and they feel good knowing the side effects are mild and animals don’t appear to build up a tolerance.

Chances are if you are familiar with CBD, you know about the oils. The oils are highly concentrated and contain hemp extract. They are given orally, under the tongue, to pets. Oils offer the fastest onset of CBD supplements/medications, but does have a downfall, its taste. The oil can be quite bitter and may be difficult to administer. CBD treats and biscuits are a great alternative. The treats contain the same extract found in oils, but in a form your pets will enjoy. The only downside to treats is that they take a little longer to set in.

When choosing an oil or treats you will want to be sure to chose a high quality product. Here are some things to look for: product should be organic and does not contain pesticides, fungicides or solvents. Look for or ask for a lab analysis of the amount of CBD in the product. Many CBD oils contain only small amounts of CBD. The manufacturer should provide a certificate of analysis. You’ll also want to make sure there is little or no THC in the product.

According to Rave Reviews these are the top oils:
Best Overall: Pet Health CBD
Highest Quality: 4 Corners Cannabis
Best Isolate: Kat’s Naturals
Most Affordable: Pet Health CBD
Best New Entry: Lazarus Naturals
These are the best treats for dogs and cats:
For larger dogs: Reilly’s Hemp-vet
Largest variety of flavors: Treatables
Best for calming: True Leaf
Highest quality: Canna-Pet

Linda Pecone, along with her husband, is a long time resident of Lyons Colorado. She has a degree in nutrition, and is a certified herbalist. She enjoys creating healthful recipes for families and pets. She is also the owner of The Lyons Little Yellow Wellness House on Second Avenue.

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