CBD for Canines: Are You Considering CBD Products For What Ails Your Dog?

The use of cannabis-based products for both humans and dogs is proliferating. That refers to medical marijuana—or, better, items manufactured from particular chemicals in marijuana plants that are used for therapeutic purposes. CBD is one of those chemicals and its use in the pet population is growing exponentially.

Does your dog suffer from a medical condition that may be alleviated—or at least mitigated—by administering CBD? Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

What does CBD stand for? What does it mean?

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“Cannabidiol,” or CBD oil, is a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant, but one that does not produce the ‘high’ society typically associates with recreational marijuana use. CBD is an entirely different chemical than “tetrahydrocannabinol”—THC—the latter of which causes a psychoactive reaction.

This discovery of a non-high-forming element of marijuana that may be health-enhancing has opened the door for non-recreational use of marijuana. Ingesting (or applying) CBD oil for medical conditions in humans subsequently brought about the idea of trying it for pets. But it’s more than just talk: It turns out that CBD may alleviate many uncomfortable ailments in BOTH humans and animals. Although cannabis oil is not FDA approved for pets, hemp-based CBD for dogs is legal in the US.

Canine Conditions That CBD May Improve

Anecdotal evidence is very promising in terms of CBD oil and your dog’s improved well-being. And so, research is revving up in an attempt to substantiate testimonials and seek out full FDA approval of CBD. In the meanwhile, reputable companies are able provide some options for pets. (NOTE: It’s important that dog-owners perform due diligence to educate themselves about CBD and its potential health benefits. If you plan to purchase CBD products, do your homework first.)

So far, cannabidiol supplementation to alleviate—or, at least, mitigate—a host of ailments your dog may suffer is yielding good results. Some of the most commonly treated conditions are:


Arthritis and other inflammation


Gastrointestinal Issues


Heart health


Unleashing Products Touted for the Betterment of Your Dog’s Health

A surprising variety of CBD products are tailored just for canines. They’re available online or at nearby retailers. You can find these popular items at Livingston’s Pups@Play:

Edible treats

The Future of CBD for Canines – Tails Are Wagging

Human and veterinary researchers are digging deep, attempting to unearth further evidence of the benefits of CBD as a nontraditional, natural curative. Now, that’s certainly something to bark about!

*Early studies have indicated CBD may have anti-tumor or tumor shrinking/death effects

Disclaimer: Pups@play does not endorse CBD use but rather endeavors to provide general information to augment dog-owners’ own educational efforts. Wey urge the public to contact a veterinarian and/or CBD experts if they are considering administering this compound to their furry friends.

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