Photos: Sam Catanzaro. Select brand CBD cartridges for sale at Venice Circle.  

Venice Circle has something for everybody.

Summer fun in Venice can mean sore muscles and joints from all that beach volleyball, surfing and paddle tennis. Over-the-counter pills containing ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help with the pain, but often have undesired side effects that make continued use risky. Venice Circle is a hemp and CBD superstore that looks to give customers alternatives to traditional pain medication.

“We believe in bringing natural alternatives to pharmaceutical prescription medicine,” said owner Mike. “Whether its anxiety, depression, joint back or muscle pain we have something for you.”

Photos: Sam Catanzaro. Venice Circle.

Venice Circle is located at 1701 Ocean Front Walk, just steps from Muscle Beach. While bodybuilders will find that CBD can help them recover after a workout, Venice Circle’s extensive menu has something for everybody.

“We carry the most CBD products of any store in Los Angeles,” Mike said.  “We are the first and only CBD superstore around.”

Despite its superstore status, some of Venice Circle’s most popular products are made in Venice. These include pain creams and tinctures from Venice CBD and high-quality hemp flower and pre-rolled CBD joints from Venice Kush. This hemp looks and smells like marijuana but contains much less THC than marijuana.

High-quality hemp flower looks and smells like traditional marijuana but contains much less THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana.

“Venice Circle sells CBD flower that looks and smells like marijuana but is in fact hemp because it contains 0.3 percent THC or less,” Mike said. “The flower product contains anywhere from 13-17 percent CBD which is very high for CBD flower if you compare it to what is available in the surrounding market.”

The high levels of CBD and low levels of THC found in this smokable hemp make it a popular choice for individuals who want the pain and anxiety reducing properties of CBD without the “high” associated with smoking THC found in marijuana.

“People can experience a light sense of elevated well being but do not experience the ‘high’ associated with smoking traditional marijuana,” Mike said. “CBD is a natural non-psychoactive alternative medicine. It’s best known for its pain relief and anti-seizure properties. It combats anxiety, fights cancer and has been known to reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and helps treat sleep issues.”

Select brand CBD cartridges for sale at Venice Circle.

Venice Circle also offers customers other methods to consume CBD with a large selection of edibles, vaporizers, oils and topicals. Customers have to be 21 to purchase smokable products and 18 to buy edibles and topicals. Dogs and cats, while unable to buy products themselves, will also be pleased that Venice Circle offers CBD products for them. CBD pet treats and tinctures can help pets in declining health feel less pain.

This effort to provide remedies to customers of all species and types has made Venice Circle a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

“The community has embraced us with open arms,” Mike said  “We have many local customers who we see on a daily basis. The main thing we hear is ‘its about time’ or ‘thank you for being here to provide CBD.’”

For more information about Venice circle, visit their website at or check them out by visiting the store on the boardwalk.


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