Cardinal Pet Care Adds CBD Products for Dogs –

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By Pet Product News Staff


Cardinal Pet Care has launched a new line of cannabidiol (CBD) products for dogs, to be sold under its Remedy+Recovery brand. The line includes Wound & Infection Lotion, Oral Care Spray, Calming Spray, Liquid Bandage, Hot Spot Spray, Ear Cleaner, Shampoo and Hemp Oil.

Also new is the Remedy+Recovery Hemp Breath Spray, a spray-on product that is designed to help protect dogs’ oral and dental health without requiring toothbrushing, according to company officials.

“Pet parents are doing more at-home grooming, including everything from dental care to ear cleaning,” said Tony de Vos, president of Azusa, Calif.-based Cardinal Pet Care. “They’re also becoming more aware of how over-the-counter first-aid and health products can contribute to their dog’s well-being and keep them prepared for any minor emergencies that might arise. As a result, Cardinal has experienced a growth in sales of our Remedy+Recovery product line.”

The company introduced the new line of CBD products at SuperZoo, which took place late August in Las Vegas.


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