Carbondale hemp shop owner discusses CBD vs. THC

Jeremy Morris was born in Glenwood Springs, calls himself a “Redstone boy,” and named his hemp shop in Carbondale after his own son.

“I owned a cannabis recreational cultivation facility up near Redstone, and I got out of that and got into the hemp business,” the owner of Wyatt’s Apothecary said. “I had a son. A beautiful son, Wyatt, and I opened an apothecary, and I named my store after him.”

Anything but a recreational marijuana dispensary, Wyatt’s Apothecary does not sell pre-packaged pot that will get you high, but rather carries CBD creations that contain less than 0.3 percent of THC.

The quaint Apothecary, located at 259 Main St., Carbondale, with its rustic wooden floors and western décor, sells hemp products such as hemp-infused tinctures, CBD skin cream, muscle salve and more.

“I read a lot of clinical studies, and I do offer, in the store, something that is really unique, which is in-person discussions with somebody that knows about hemp products and that has done the research on the products,” Morris said.

“It’s to further understand it and not, kind of, believe the CBD hype,” he said. “Because there is some information that is thrown around loosely, and I think that people are looking to further understand it from somebody that’s actually educated in it.”

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Morris details how people come into his shop all the time, not necessarily to make a purchase, but simply to ask him questions about the hemp products he talks passionately about.

Questions such as, can you explain the difference between hemp and cannabis?

“Yeah, we get that question a lot,” Morris explained. “The difference being that the Department of Agriculture regulates our products under 0.3 percent THC. The MED [Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division] regulates cannabis products that have THC in it.

“So, people will come to Colorado because of that separation, and it has become a national industry … growing hemp and creating CBD-rich products.”

While Morris certainly loves the hemp industry’s growth, at the same time, the Apothecary owner hopes the educational material regarding it will also mature at the same rate so that customers will know exactly what they purchase, when they buy it. That’s something Morris takes to heart with every product he puts on Wyatt’s Apothecary shelves.

“People have come into the shop who have bought CBD, quote unquote, products from a dispensary and thought that they were getting what they saw on a documentary,” Morris said. “To me, that just sucks, when somebody thinks they are going to get something that is really going to help them and be more of a medicinal benefit, and then they end up getting high because they went to a dispensary and their products say CBD.

“So that’s a different animal that’s not a hemp product. That is a recreational marijuana product,” he said.

According to Morris, like recreational marijuana dispensaries, Wyatt’s Apothecary must also possess and adhere to licensing requirements, but through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, not the state’s MED.

Having been in the recreational marijuana business before, Morris said, “You have to become essentially your own little marijuana lawyer.”

However, now in the business of selling hemp products the main stipulation involves testing and making sure that THC levels stay below 0.3 percent so that the THC becomes negligible.

“I think it’ll benefit farmers more,” Morris said. “I think it’ll kind of bring back agriculture in a way. Historically, hemp was grown here. It’s a great crop with multiple uses.”


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