Car insurance prices drop in Scotland for first time in over three years

Car insurance premiums have dropped in Scotland for the first time in over three years, yet customers may not benefit from the savings.

According to, the cost of car insurance across the Scottish regions dropped between £37 and £58 in 12 months, with Scottish drivers now paying up to £638 to insure their cars, on average.

However, more than two thirds of motorists in Scotland claim their renewal notice was £41 more expensive than the amount they paid the previous year, on average.

Scotland seem to be dropping, they are doing so at a much slower rate than the rest of the UK, dropping £58 at most year-on-year, compared to the£95 drop the average UK driver will have seen.

“But despite price reductions, it’s clear these savings aren’t always being passed on to drivers. In fact, our research shows that renewing with the same insurer could add as much as £41 to car insurance prices for drivers in Scotland. This goes to show how important it is for drivers to be shopping around at the point of renewal to see the benefits of falling prices. Worryingly, three in five (60%) motorists in Scotland didn’t do this last time they came to renew.

“Our data suggests drivers should consider shopping around 21 days prior to their renewal date, when car insurance prices appear to be at their lowest.”

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