CannaMojo Is a THC-Infused Sex Pill That Wants to Keep You High and Hard

This isn’t your grandpa’s sexual enhancement pill. 

As cannabis legalization opens the door for individual products and entire retail categories that were previously unimaginable, sexual wellness has gone to pot. At dispensaries across the legal weed landscape, open-minded couples can find THC and CBD-laced lubricants, edible aphrodisiacs, and strains chalk-full of cannabinoids crossed specifically to stimulate the mood.

Pushing the infused coitous category even further, CannaMojo is a male enhancement supplement spiked with a dose of pure THC distillate. Debuting in Colorado’s recreational marijuana market earlier this year, CannMojo wants to change the way you get high… and hard.

To find out more about the dankest dick pill we’ve heard about in ages, MERRY JANE got on the phone with CannaMojo inventor and CEO, Ted Naylon, to discuss the libido-boosting power of pot, marketing sexual wellness to millenials, and whether or not it’s possible to have too much mojo.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


MERRY JANE: Let’s start at the beginning, what is CannaMojo?

Ted Naylon: CannaMojo is the first ever THC-infused male enhancement pill. It’s produced by our licensed cannabis company, Revered, here in Aurora, Colorado, and it’s got 10 milligrams of THC distillate mixed with our “Mojo,” which is an all natural sexual enhancement supplement. 

How did the idea even come about for a THC-infused sexual enhancement product?

Well I’ve owned the male enhancement supplement Hard Mojo for four years now, and the Mojo in CannaMojo is the same all-natural male enhancement blend. I’ve had an entrepreneurial mindset my entire adult life, and after working in sales and building up my own business, the number of daily headaches got to be too much, and I sold it. While looking for a more self-sufficient product that was proven, and could sell online without much marketing or hassle, I stumbled on Hard Mojo. 

The man who owned the company showed me sales data that said 90% of customers had re-ordered, and that hundreds of men had been placing monthly orders for the pills for years. It really worked, and that was it. He sold me the company four years ago and we still have orders coming in every day. And then, again about four years ago, looking at Colorado’s cannabis market and truly believing personally that the government could not restrict this progress forever, I partnered with an existing operator who needed a business person to run his company and got fully immersed in Colorado’s cannabis industry. Fast forward to this year, and some friends and I were watching the March Madness basketball tournament joking around, and a commercial came on for, I think it was Cialis, and I can’t remember if it was me or a friend, but someone said, “We should mix the distillate into the Mojo!” and it’s snowballed from there.

Besides THC, what’s actually inside CannaMojo? What is it that’s made Hard Mojo such a consistent seller?

There are a few that are really hard to pronounce, but the ingredients that most people might have heard of are ginseng, which gives you energy and alone will help with erectile dysfunction, maca root, which helps with hormones and boosts the immune system, and then there’s rizoma, that is good for strength, and then more. Everything is all natural, and we have a company that manufactures the blend to the same specifications that we’ve been using for years. CannaMojo starts to act in about 30 minutes, and I’ve had customers that say they’ll even crack open the pill and stir it into a drink and it will start working in 10 minutes. 

Would I still need to contact a doctor if CannaMojo works for more than 4 hours like other male enhancement products say in the commercials?

[Laughs] No, no, no. It’s not like you take one of these and you’re immediately pitching a tent. If the time comes, you’ll be ready, and you will know. Unlike something like Viagra that’s a pharmaceutical drug, we like to say the worst thing that can happen is you get high. We’re not making or marketing our product as a problem solver for guys who are having trouble getting erections, but more for fun. CannaMojo is more for the party, so that if you’ve maybe been going too hard you can still please your partner. Everyone loves weed, and everyone loves sex, and all we’ve wanted to do is combine those two industries and have a lot of fun at the same time. 


Since cannabis interacts differently with each user, how hard was it to find a perfect dose that you felt would enhance sexual performance and not cause couch lock or other potential mood-killing side effects of being stoned?

We surveyed about 300 budtenders through our market research and asked about the ideal dosing, and found answers ranging everywhere from 2 milligrams to 400 milligrams [laughs]. But the maximum amount of THC that is allowed in a single serving product here in Colorado is 10 milligrams, and for most people, I thought that 5 milligrams would not be enough. And because the product isn’t just pot, I didn’t want people taking two of the Mojo pills. I’m less worried about people taking too much THC than people taking too much Mojo. Now, with that said, I’ve had customers tell me they’ve taken multiple doses of HardMojo and CannaMojo without any issues, but without any strict FDA testing, we recommend a one pill a day maximum. I could sell a lot more pills if I recommended two a day, but I know the Mojo works at that level, so if you want more THC, take an edible or smoke a joint. 

There have been multiple research studies that have linked frequent cannabis use with erectile dysfunction. Did you take that into consideration when creating CannaMojo?

I didn’t consider that while we were coming up with it. It was as simple as wanting to bring together two things that men love. But yes, I have heard rumors that maybe too much weed smoking can give you problems in the bedroom, and if that is the case, then CannaMojo can definitely help solve the problem without forcing you to cut back on the cannabis.

Lately, companies like Hims have started targeting ED products at millenials, and CannaMojo says it is just as useful for 21 year olds as it is for 60 year olds. What’s behind the push for youth to buy penis pills?

People definitely buy the HardMojo product as an all-natural substitute for Viagra or Cialis, but with CannaMojo, we are definitely trying to position it towards a party vibe versus an older crowd. If you’re only having erection problems, there are a million products you can take, but by adding THC, we can reach an entire different audience. 

We have found that there’s a little bit of a stigma with guys that are younger than 35 towards trying any sexual enhancement supplement. “Oh, I don’t need one of those, everything’s working fine,” right? 

When I first discovered HardMojo as a business opportunity four years ago, I had never tried any sexual enhancement anything, but when I took the pill, it was such a difference that that was what convinced me to buy the company. And it wasn’t just that it worked a little bit, it was noticeable for both me and my wife. So by bringing it into the cannabis space and presenting it as a boost instead of a necessity, we’re hoping to start to shed those negative connotations. You could be perfectly happy driving around your old 10-year-old car if it still runs completely fine, but if you get in a brand new 2018 Mercedes Benz, you’re gonna like it, and you’re not gonna want to go back. That’s the same with CannaMojo.


In the cannabis industry, THC and CBD lubricants have really cornered the sexual side of the market. What makes CannaMojo different from those products, and do you think it’s the start of a new wave of other products focused on pot-infused sex?

What’s different about CannMojo is that its a sexual product that not only brings the plant’s wellness components, but also gets you high. So while lubricants might have some tingling sensation, the topical application isn’t designed to really get you high. With CannaMojo, you’re getting legitimately stoned, and you get to enjoy the sexual enhancement component, too. 

As for the future of cannabis-infused products for sex, who knows with this industry because everything moves so fast. Right now, we’re really proud to be able to bring something like this — which didn’t exist just five months ago — to the market, and just help people have more fun. Because at the end of the day, everyone wants to have fun.

Is the pill only for men?

Yes. We’re working on a women’s version that would be a “CannaMojo For Her,” but that’s a ways down the road. It’s not easy, and we’ve been working on it right alongside the pharmaceutical companies, but if we can find something that will help spike women’s libido, we are already at an advantage by being able to combine it with THC. But if we can find the right combination of natural herbs and cannabis and test it to where enough women are saying that it helps them, that is absolutely something we are looking to do. 

Do you have any plans to expand CannaMojo sales into any other legal weed states?

Definitely. I’ve had people reaching out from out of state, a number of inquiries from California, and I will definitely be doing something with them. We’re also working with a seperate company here in Colorado to produce a CBD version of the pill, as well. And that will be the same model going forward in other states, where we will team up with existing licensed oil producers and give them the same Mojo formula that we use to partner and bring the same quality of products to more of the legal weed landscape. 

CannaMojo is available in licensed dispensaries across Colorado. For more on the company, visit its website here

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