Cannabis perfume the ‘scent of the season’

Cannabis oil
The cannabis themed scent for men claims to give the wearer “an edge of risk”. Photo credit: Getty

A new cannabis perfume in the UK is being described as the “scent of the season” by one of the country’s biggest perfume retailers.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Party Fever (not the catchiest name, if I’m honest) is being sold by The Perfume Shop on High St in London. The cannabis themed scent for men claims to give the wearer “an edge of risk”. 

The Telegraph reports the fragrance, an “energizing potion of vibrant ginger & burning cannabis” retails at £59.99 (NZ$ 115) for 100mls.

A Perfume Shop spokesman told the newspaper: “In recent months, cannabis has managed to successfully shrug off its negative reputation to become one of the biggest buzzwords in the beauty world.

“While many may begin to imagine a skunk-infused scent, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Party Fever is an elegant, refined summer scent that opens with a spicy energy then mellows with a herbaceous cannabis accord in the heart, giving the fragrance, and the man wearing it, an edge of risk.”

Cannabis has been classed as a Class B drug in the UK since 1971, but the perfume has the legal loophole of not containing any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive part of the plant which is needed to “get high”. It does contain cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD), a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant.

In the UK where’s its currently summer, the perfume supposedly is the “scent of the season”.

The Perfume Shop’s spokesperson says it’s “designed to lift your spirit and exude the feeling of summer when nights are longer and drinks are colder. The scent adds to the warmth and depth of the woody fragrance.”

Although the perfume isn’t available in New Zealand yet, there are alternative options for those wanting to waft the scent of the bud. Cannabis oils for adding to a bath or oil diffuser can be bought online.

This one from NZ Candle Supplies claims to be a “deep penetrating, earthy concoction. Slightly floral, slightly spicy, intensely earthy but unmistakably cannabis fragrance. “



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