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, also known as cannabidiol (CBD) is now available to buy in the UK – despite the drug being illegal.

The miracle oil is said to have a number of health benefits, including promoting sleep, boosting appetite, reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

Some people suffering from – or even cure them.

However, there has been no scientific research to back this up.

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GETTYCANNABIS OIL UK: What is cannabis oil? Sales have skyrocketed in the UK

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a substance which has been extracted from the cannabis plant by steam distillation. 

The oil is made up of cannabinoids, and is a thick, sticky substance.

The gooey substance can be made up of cannabinoids such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD.

It is also known as marijuana oil, Rick Simpson Oil, Full extract cannabis oil, hash oil, dabs, shatter or wax.

Where can you buy cannabis oil?

Although cannabis has been completely illegal in the UK since 1971, it is available to buy in the UK legally.

For it to be legal products must contain less than 0.05% THC.

This is the psychoactive component of cannabis which makes users feel “high”.

This means it does not change the state of mind of the user, but it seems to produce changes in the body and has medical benefits.

Holland and Barrett became the first UK retailer to sell medicinal cannabis oil on the high street.

According to research by the Cannabis Trades Association UK the number of people using cannabis oil has skyrocketed from 125,000 a year ago to 250,000 now.

“There are side effects of using cannabis oil”

What can cannabis oil be used for?

It is claimed that cannabis oil has a number of health benefits.

This ranges from being beneficial to people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or lack of sleep.

It has also been suggested that cancer patients can use it to help alleviate the pain.

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CANNABIS OIL UK: Holland and Barrett are selling the substance

There have also been claims that cannabis oil can alleviate symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and MS.

However, Cancer charity warned: “There are side effects of using cannabis oil.

“Cannabinoids can increase your heart rate, cause dizziness, hallucinations, paranoia and make you feel ‘stoned’. They may also interact with other drugs.”

Cannabinoids work by attaching themselves to receptors in the body.


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