Cannabis Companies Cash In On The Soothing Effects of CBD Oil

The health benefits of CBD oil extend far past anxiety and neurological pain disorders. The same anti-inflammatory properties that make CBD oil so effective against seizures are also being applied to skin disorders. The University of Colorado is conducting a study examining the effects CBD has on psoriasis and eczema. CBD’s naturally antibacterial and analgesic (pain relieving) compounds are bringing patients with itchy skin almost instantaneous relief.

According to the study, topical CBD creams and lotions are considered a healthy alternative to steroid creams. And unlike edibles or oils, CBD creams bring targeted relief. Massaging CBD oil directly into the skin allows the natural compounds to be absorbed solely by the irritated area. Cannabidiol never reaches the bloodstream. For those suffering from irritable skin, this news is extraordinary.

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On top of its medical benefits, the soothing effects of CBD skincare and beauty products are enjoyed by anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellness. CBD lotions and oils are part of a growing consumer market demanding wellness products. This surge in popularity is no doubt fueling CBD’s potential to be a $1 billion industry. With a lot of money up for grabs, cannabis companies are investing in the unique ways CBD can be used in wellness products. Here is the latest news regarding CBD oil and skincare:

Powered by Emblem

Emblem Corporation (TSXV:EMC) (OTC:EMMBF) entered into a strategic partnership with natural foods company GreenSpace Brands (TSXV:JTR) this month. This agreement marks a cannabis industry first. The two are developing a line of CBD-infused skincare products, as well as supplements and other niche wellness items.

GreenSpace is already known for its reputation as an all-natural grocery retailer. Their acquisition of Galaxy Natural Foods Inc. last year gave the brand access to over 12,000 stores in the United States, which is a pretty decent market size that Emblem now adds to their portfolio. Emblem is well-established in Canada’s medical marijuana industry, but this partnership will bring new long-term brands to the CBD-infused beauty market.

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“This partnership allows us to enter the Health and Beauty category through CBD focused products, which we strongly believe will be a massive category for a long time to come,” GreenSpace CEO Matthew von Teichman said in a statement last week.

Emblem will be providing their signature CBD oil extracts while GreenSpace uses their industry expertise to develop the branding and marketing of these new beauty and wellness products require. Each new product will be stamped with “Powered by Emblem” to represent the cannabis producer’s involvement.

Khiron Life Sciences Earns Export Approval

North America is not the only continent with a market for CBD oil. South of the border, Khiron Life Sciences Corporation (TSXV:KHRN) is expanding the CBD beauty market via Colombia. The company was approved to export four new CBD skincare products by Colombia’s National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute last month. Khiron is now authorized to capitalize on eight wellness CBD products.

Khiron built their reputation around developing strong relationships with the medical community. But they have had their sights on the wellness industry recently. The market is seeing six percent year over year growth, and recent moves by Khiron set them up with access to over half a million patients. With a line of CBD oil beauty products marketed for both men and women, Khiron is aligning themselves with unlimited access to both medical and health-conscious consumers.


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