Cannabeverage spotlight: PHYX sees the future of low-dosage THC-infused waters – Craft Brewing Business

Your new favorite thing.

Hard seltzers are getting all of the buzz right now, but THC water (high seltzers?) is the buzz of tomorrow.

We detailed our first brush with the future here, when we tried out Oh Hi Beverage’s (founded by Ska Fabricating’s Matt Vincent) line of craft cannabis seltzers. It seemed like the future to us because, instead of catering to the cannabis community with a 20 mg or more THC percentage, it was crafted at a lower dosage. By lessening the dosages of the THC effect, a novice to cannabis could pick one up and be no more buzzed than if they tried one low-to-mid-ABV beer, thus opening up the market potential much more.

That’s also the thinking behind PHYX, an innovative line of THC-infused sparkling water by Spherex, now available in licensed cannabis dispensaries across Colorado. PHYX was created with an eye toward the future of this segment — it is an infused sparkling water that has no cannabis smell or taste, is zero calories, has zero sugar and carbs, is gluten free, and contains all-natural ingredients. Each single 8.4 oz. bottle of PHYX contains 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD, and comes in four flavors: natural, lime, grapefruit, and dragon fruit.

“We believe our unique formula has real potential to unlock mainstream acceptance and increase the size of the market of those consuming cannabis,” said Michael Green, Chairman of Spherex. “There is an entire segment of people that are intrigued by cannabis but do not want to inhale smoke or vapor, and do not want to consume edibles as they need to get back to the responsibilities of their day.”

Edibles typically begin at 5 mg, but Green and team thought it was important to go the microdosing route with PHYX, which clocks in at just 2.5mg of THC and CBD.

“It is designed for consumers who want to start slow, understand how cannabis affects their body, and eventually make it a viable alternative to alcohol or other edible products,” said Green.

How it works

It is more than just the dosage. Through nano-encapsulation technology, PHYX infuses high-quality THC that lets consumers feel its effects within minutes – less than half the time of a typical edible. It lasts about an hour because the THC is absorbed through the tongue and doesn’t have to go through the stomach/small intestine; which is comparable to smoking cannabis.

A consumer could enjoy a beverage and continue their day without lingering sensations in just over an hour.

“While there are ways to solve the age-old problem of mixing oil and water, standard solutions make the process challenging because they often have a negative influence on the taste and color of an edible,” said Niccolo Aieta, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spherex. “Our nano-encapsulation formulation – which was created without surfactants or emulsifying agents – results in clear product with no lingering cannabis taste, making it ideal for both novice and experienced consumers.”


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