Canna Bliss will sell hemp oil products and tea in south Springfield


Does CBD Oil make you high? Dr. Michael Privitera explains the affects of CBD Oil based medications. Albert Cesare,

Jamie Tillman said after a family member got a brain tumor removed last year, her relative suffered from extreme pain and dizziness.

Tillman wanted to help. That’s when she began looking into the health benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, oil, which is derived from the hemp plant.

Tillman now plans to open a new store in south Springfield called Canna Bliss, located at 210 W. Republic Road.

The store, expected to open on Sept. 17, will sell a variety of CBD products — including vape pens, capsules, salves and gummies — as well as feature a tea bar.

Proponents of CBD products say the oil can relieve anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation and won’t give users a high.

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Tillman said she uses CBD to relieve anxiety and get to sleep at night.

“I’ve been able to stop one of my anxiety medications because there’s a calming effect,” she said. “…It helps relax your body and gives you that edge off.”

The line of CBD products she will sell will be branded Canna Bliss. She said the hemp plants used will be grown and processed in Colorado.

Her shop will also sell a line of organic teas, grown in California, called Art of Tea.

“Most of the line we carry uses western herbs and botanicals,” Tillman said. “Their goal is to build wellness from within.”

A tea bar inside Canna Bliss will serve hot and iced teas. Tillman said she plans to have a coffee-shop atmosphere with “comfy armchairs,” tables and seating at the bar.

At least two other specialty CBD shops have opened in Springfield within the past 10 months. 

Tillman said she thinks the growing popularity of CBD “has a lot to do with the opioid epidemic.”

“Doctors are so used to prescribing pain medicines, I think people are getting tired of it and looking for a more holistic remedy,” she said.

Some experts previously interviewed by the News-Leader raised questions about the efficacy of its supposed health benefits as well as its legality.

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The murkiness of whether CBD is legal has created challenges for other local CBD shops.

CBD Boutique on Kearney Street originally had a location in Buffalo. The city of Buffalo revoked its business license and authorities told owners they needed to leave. That’s when the owners moved their shop to Springfield.

Earlier this month, Great Southern Bank told another business, CBD of Springfield, that it will close its bank accounts.

“This is due to your business being a marijuana related business,” said a letter sent from Great Southern to CBD of Springfield’s owners.

A bank spokesperson told the News-Leader “state and federal laws are not consistent” and “marijuana-related products” pose a challenge for federally regulated banks across the country.

Tillman said she’s not concerned.

“I don’t really see it as a legal gray area, as long as you’ve got your certificates saying you’re growing from a hemp plant,” she said.

Every product Canna Bliss sells will carry a “certificate of analysis,” which Tillman said will show that the levels of THC, a psychoactive substance, are below a certain threshold.

“I’m just trying to keep everything as transparent as possible,” Tillman said. “We’re trying to be really upfront about what we’re doing and have the analysis and backing that shows it is not marijuana.”

Tillman said she hopes to eventually become a distributor of her line of Canna Bliss CBD products to help other “wellness centers” open up.

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