Cancer patient credits cannabis for relieving symptoms of cancer

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Eight years ago, Rhonda Gossett’s world stopped.

“We were first diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and it had metastasized to the bones,” Rhonda Gossett said.

Gossett battled the disease with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

“Did it make her sick? Yes, it made her sick. Does chemo work? Yes, it does work. It does kill cancer and it`s shown proven effects, but it always kills the good cells too,” Darren Gossett said.

She went into remission, but then the cancer came back in her brain.

Doctors told her that she was unable to undergo another treatment of chemotherapy because of the cancer’s location in her brain. This time, she relied on radiation and drug trials that didn’t work.

At that point, her family discovered CBD oil with high levels of THC.

“Within, what was it, about three weeks all the scans were coming back positive. The brain started looking better. All the fluid that had built up, everything started dissipating,” Darren Gossett said.

At that time, Gossett only weighed 92 pounds and was not hungry at all due to her treatments.

However, she says the CBD oil was a lifesaver. It gave her an appetite again, and the higher levels of THC is what alleviated her symptoms the most.

After her last surgery, it has become part of her daily regimen for the past two years. It is also the reason she and her husband are voting in favor of State Question 788.

“We’re going to vote for medical marijuana because we feel that people that have no alternatives, this gives them an opportunity to try something that could possibly save their life,” Darren Gossett said.

“To help with the pain, to help with the nausea, help them get to sleep, get an appetite back, help them to rest,” Rhonda Gossett said.

Opponents say they see the benefits of medical marijuana, but say that’s not what you’re getting when you vote in favor of State Question 788.

“We need to make sure this is based on science and not just based on some state question that’s really broad and just because we need to hurry up and do it. We need to do it right,” Joshua Harlow, spokesperson for ‘SQ 788 In Not Medical,’ said.

Sen. Ervin Yen says he wrote legislation for medical marijuana a year and a half ago, but it wasn’t heard in committee.

“I am adamantly opposed to State Question 788 because it’s not medical marijuana. It’s really recreational marijuana disguised as medical in my opinion so let’s vote that down and I will write yet another bill. A real medical marijuana bill,” Sen. Yen said.

This married couple says they will say “yes” to this petition on their 20th wedding anniversary.

“It’s a plant that was create by God and so that’s just how we feel about it,” Darren Gossett said.

Rhonda Gossett says she hasn’t had cancer symptoms in two years and credits cannabis, God and supporters for it. She now takes CBD oil with small traces of THC every day.

If the measure passes, Gov. Fallin announced that she would call for a special session to address how it will be implemented and regulated.

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