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CAMDEN, Ark. — Thousands of dollars worth of CBD products were taken in a burglary at a Camden smoke shop, but the owner believes whoever broke-in was really looking for marijuana.¬†
Shattered glass covered the floor of StarFire Smoke Shop & Gallery Thursday morning, after someone smashed through the door to get into the shop. 

“I’m kind of in shock what to do,” said Owner Jesse Hooks. That hurts a small business like me.”

The smoke shop sells CBD products as well as hemp flower, which Hooks says looks and smells like marijuana. He says those were the main items taken in the overnight shopping spree. 

“They stole a bunch of the hemp flower, they stole CBD gummies, baggies, oils and detox,” he added.¬†

Merchandise he says adds up to about $3,000, that doesn’t count the cash the burglar swiped from the register or the damage to the front glass.¬†

The break-in at Hooks’ shop is just the latest, at least five other stores along the same area of Washington Street have been hit in the past six months.¬†

While police investigate, Hooks is adding a security system to his shop. He hopes surveillance will be enough of a deterrent to keep his shop from being targeted again. 

“If the cops don’t get you, I hope karma does,” Hooks added.¬†

Source: https://www.kark.com/news/local-news/burglar-targets-cbd-products/2007293607

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