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By Pet Business Staff



Bristly by Empawer Pets appointed Anipet Animal Supplies as its distributor for Western Canada. 


“Anipet is a well respected distributor in the industry, and for Bristly to have their support is an honor; It lends credibility to our brand, and helps reinforce our position as an authority on oral health,” said Petros Dertsakyan, Empawer’s CEO.


Anipet is responsible for expanding Bristly’s sales and distribution by focusing on the needs of their customers and delivering competitive pricing and quality service.


Anipet will represent Empawer’s entire Bristly Dog Dental Care line which includes:

  • Bristly Brushing Stick: A DIY Dog Toothbrush that allows dogs to chew and play the plaque away.  
  • Bristly Pre-Biotic Toothpaste: A beef-flavored toothpaste with an enzymatic boost designed to battle bad bacteria and fight plaque and tartar build up.
  • Bristly Tongue Cleaner: A tongue cleaner for dogs that scrapes away food particles and bacteria on the tongue to alleviate bad breath.
  • Bristly CBD Oil Infused with Coconut Oil: A supplementary part of the dental care routine, the Bristly CBD Oil helps naturally relieve oral pain while promoting healthy teeth and gums.
  • Bristly Prebiotic Toothpaste: A beef-flavored toothpaste with enzymatic action to kill bad bacteria and fight plaque and tartar while a prebiotic blend promotes good bacteria for a healthier mouth and fresh breath.


“Bristly is a very innovative toy that is a leader in the pet dental category,” said Adriano Morelli,  Anipet’s purchasing manager. “With that, it will inspire people to come together and recommend it to each other, thus building that shared pet ownership experience.”



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