Brian Charrington’s cannabis oil business SurePure opens its first shop in Redcar

A cannabis oil business which has “changed people’s lives” is opening a brand new shop in Redcar .

SurePure CBD owners Phil Knowlson and Brian Charrington are teaming up with bar owner Paul Kitchener to open the Dundas Street store.

The business was launched earlier this year selling the product, which is said to have huge health benefits, from the base of 28-year-old Phil’s Coulby Newham flooring firm.

Described elsewhere as a miracle cure, the popularity of the product has exploded with outlets selling SurePure opening up in Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Australia and online orders flooding in.

The next logical step was to open a shop selling the product on Teesside, and after Paul saw the demand by selling it in his Steel Bay bar in Redcar he went into business with SurePure’s owners to launch the new venture.

It will act as the business’ franchise model, with other stores planned for Glasgow and Essex and possible more locally too.

Phil said: “The business is going from strength to strength. Paul saw how popular it was and wanted to get on board, and this shop in Redcar should be really good for our customers.

“We’ve had so many stories from people who say that the product has completely changed their lives.”

The shop opens on Friday on Dundas Street, the street behind the Tyne Tees Amusements on Redcar’s Esplanade.

Paul Kitchener, 37, opened Steel Bay and La Rum Bar in Redcar’s ‘Northern Quarter’ and also has Peak Image Photography.

He became involved in the business after trying to source different CBD products for his mam, who suffered with skin cancer.

Paul Kitchener (left) and Phil Knowlson who have opened SurePure, a cannabis oil shop in Dundas Street, Redcar
Paul Kitchener (left) and Phil Knowlson who have opened SurePure, a cannabis oil shop in Dundas Street, Redcar (Image: Ian Cooper)

“I used to be very difficult to get hold of but since I saw what Phil and Brian had set up, I got in touch,” said Redcar lad Paul, who desribed how a melanoma on his mam’s chest had cleared up since she started using a skin balm made with the CBD oil product.

“I asked about selling it from Steel Bay and I quickly saw that demand for the product was just incredible.

“It’s also good for Redcar to have another new business. Since we put up the signage, I had 30 people in yesterday asking about this and it isn’t even open yet.”

Teesside Live reported how Phil set up the business with 40-year-old Brian Charrington, who returned home earlier this year after spending more than 20 years living in Spain.

Mr Charrington served a prison sentence in Germany for his role in a cocaine smuggling conspiracy and is the son of the notorious Brian Charrington Snr, who has been described as “one of Europe’s most wanted criminals”.

But he said previously that “everyone has a past” and spoke of his commitment to his new business.

“I have a real enthusiasm for the product, we both do, and I think that’s important,” he said in March.

“We’ve worked very hard to get here and we have had fantastic feedback.”

The company sells CBD oil, extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant in a laboratory in Spain.

An overwhelming number of online reports says the product has huge health benefits.

It has reportedly been used to treat cancer patients, those with diabetes and high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and a whole host of other advantages.

While the legality of some strains of the product have been debated in Parliament, Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald has attempted to get certain types of oil available for epilepsy sufferers.

And SurePure’s legal oil products – which are a greater concentration than those recently put on sale in Holland and Barrett’s and are sold as a food supplement – were in production for 18 months.

Each motherload is tested as part of a tightly regulated market, with weeks worth of supplies selling out in days when it was launched.

They are also sold online at


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