Bill Introduced To Allow Growth Of Hemp In Georgia – Georgia Public Broadcasting

A bill to allow the growth of hemp has been filed at the state Capitol.

The recently passed federal farm bill included a provision legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp, but Congress left it up to states to decide what hemp is.

Tom McCain with Peachtree NORML, an advocacy group pushing to legalize marijuana, said that in Georgia people view hemp and marijuana as the same thing. 

“If you plant seven acres and your neighbor says, ‘Hey sheriff, old Tom over there, he’s growing some hemp or growing some marijuana,’ then you’re going to get arrested,” McCain said. “Because hemp does not exist in Georgia.”   

The legislation defines hemp as containing .3 percent of THC, which is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, or less.

But this does little for people who are legally allowed to use medical marijuana.

It is still illegal to buy or sell CBD oil and other medical marijuana products here.

Legislation making access to those products is expected to be introduced within the coming days.


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