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Arthritis could be treated with CBD. CBD oil is one of many cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. Many people use this CBD oil to ease the pain associated with arthritis

The cannabis plant contains almost 100 other natural cannabinoids that are also beneficial. One of them is delta-9 THC. This cannabinoid is ideal for improving someone’s mental state and emotional health.

The Controversy

Since people use cannabis for recreational purposes, many people believe the plant doesn’t contain any medicinal properties. That is not true. To make this oil, professionals don’t use marijuana plants to extract the CBD; instead, they use hemp plants.

These are completely different plants specifically grown to make the oil.

Why Use CBD Oil?

Based on statistics, there are more than 300,000 children and 54 million adults diagnosed with a rheumatic disease or arthritis only in the United States. But, that’s not all. By 2040, the numbers will almost double by 49%.

People who suffer from this condition often have to deal with stiffness, pain, lack of joint movements. But, the problem is that these symptoms will increase as time passes by. As a result, other symptoms will follow, like depression and anxiety.

It is simply exhausting to deal with arthritis, especially if the condition coexists with other diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. There are many drugs and treatment programs that could be useful for dealing with these problems.

However, people have been trying to find a way to relieve pain naturally. That is how CBD oil became so popular.

How Does it Work?

According to research, the Cannabis sativa plant contains more than 80 different cannabinoids that occur naturally. With the use of this particular compound, the CBD oil is made. Even though this oil has only recently become popular, mainly because of the controversy surrounding marijuana, it has long been used as a way to ease the pain.

People all across the world have been using this oil as a form of remedy for many illnesses.  Based on historical records, back in 3000 B.C., people in Siberia used charred cannabis seeds as a medicine for various illnesses.

As scientists further researched the use of this plant, they found that the people who lived in America also used cannabis for medicinal purposes. Because of the controversy marijuana has caused, due to the law, people have been ignoring the possible benefits and positive properties this specific plant can offer. So, the use of marijuana plants has been very limited. As a result, people have been starting to question the use of modern-day treatments, just because they have no idea how these products work.

Our biological system composed of endocannabinoids (the ECS) has two specific cannabinoid receptors: CB2 and CB1. Most of the CB1 receptors are connected with our cognitive functions because they are positioned in the brain.

In other words, they are related to our memory, mood, coordination, appetite, and ability to think. The CB2 receptors are connected to our immune system, which is why they are responsible for the inflammation and pain in the body.

This explains why inhaling marijuana via smoking affects our cognitive functions. Since the CBD indirectly impacts the CB2 receptors, it affects the body in a positive way. In other words, it helps with inflammation and pain.

Known Benefits

CBD oil has numerous benefits it can offer. It is great for people with arthritis. Here is a list of all the positive effects of CBD oil.

Good for Chronic Conditions

According to studies, CBD oil has proven incredibly beneficial for easing the arthritis pain caused by certain conditions such as multiple sclerosis.  It can also ease the pain from chronic conditions. But, that’s not all.

Based on other statistics, CBD oil has also proven useful for dealing with fibromyalgia pain and other less serious side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, and drowsiness.

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Since the medicinal marijuana plant is beneficial for mental health, it can also help with depression and anxiety. According to studies, CBD oil is incredibly beneficial for treating these specific disorders.

The reason why this is so important is that in recent years, more and more people have been dealing with depression. In fact, the number of people who have been diagnosed with depression and arthritis has increased ten times, based on statistics.

This proves how important it is to be able to deal with both the emotional and physical problems. The source of the problem may not be mental health, but it is still equally important as any other issue related to arthritis.

Soothes the Pain

The reason why so many people have decided to use CBD oil is clear. According to research, it is possible that the CBD oil could prove useful for preventing joint neuropathy and pain caused by osteoarthritis.

The results proved that this specific oil could, in fact, protect the nerves and reduce joint inflammation.

How to Get It?

Now that you know all that the CBD oil can offer, you are probably wondering where I can get it? Well, the answer is, it depends on the country you live in. CBD oil is not legal everywhere. Depending on your location or the laws of your country, you might have easier access to this oil. But, to know for sure, you have to double check your local laws.



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