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Popular Star Bella Thorne Discusses Her New Weed Brand

Bella Throne, 22, seems to have done it all: actress, artist, musician, director, best-selling author and a social media phenomenon with a whopping 21 million followers! Recently she added another label to her interesting list of accomplishments: cannabis entrepreneur. 

The former Disney star associated with a California based vertically integrated cannabis and hemp enterprise, Glass House Group, to launch a new cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers. Throne has been passionate about cannabis and she also wants to open up another revenue stream for herself. So far, the budding entrepreneur’s foray into the industry has been a huge success. 

Throne kick-started the initial debut of her cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers with a sold-out multi-week tour of retail locations throughout the Golden State that carries the brand. According to her, there’s more to come when it comes to CBD. A hemp line and another CBD brand in the pipeline to be open in the markets outside California next year. 

In a candid and upfront manner, Throne shared her vision about her new cannabis venture and her unfiltered thoughts on how it stands out from the crowd of other celeb-minted cannabis brands. When asked about what pushed her to launch her own cannabis brand, Throne said that she had been planning to enter into the CBD space for some time now. 

She further said that when she was younger, she suffered heavily from depression, anxiety, stomach problems and weird eating habits which made her miserable. 

The only thing she believed helped was CBD oil and cannabis. Not being a staunch believer of medicines and pills, Throne resorted to taking weed and CBD oil for her well being. Another reason to start this new venture is money, a step towards her future financial stability. 

Throne said that she can’t smoke strong indoor weed as it hurts her throat and is mostly sprayed. She tends to smoke only outdoor-grown weeds and after trying weeds from multiple places, she stumbled upon Glass House. Throne then asked them to work with her after visiting their facilities. She also said the managers treated their plants like babies and they literally need love to grow! 

When prompted about what makes Forbidden Flower different than other cannabis lines, Throne said they are going out of their way to produce completely organic products. Rather than rushing into it, Throne is taking her time to come out with premium quality products. She said they’d prefer waiting for another batch of good flowers instead of settling on a batch that’s not good. 

Hemp oil has helped many people relieve their stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and many other ailments. It contains high levels of CBD, or cannabidiol, which is an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive chemical that aids in treating mental health disorders and some life-threatening diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s as well. 

CBD has gained massive popularity, especially after the federal government in the United States legalized hemp production and sales. Many consumers have been experimenting with CBD based products like gummies, oil, topical, creams, ointments, isolate, vape pens, etc. 

From celebrities like Jennifer Aniston to athletes like Mike Tyson, many are leveraging their social media accounts’ following to draw people’s attention towards CBD products. From throwing a CBD themed baby shower to using CBD products, the beauty Mogul Kim Kardashian West has taken her love for CBD on another level. 

Thorne said that most of her fans on social media love the idea of cannabis whether they smoke it or not because they value the difference it can make. She also said that she has a younger audience as well who might get freaked by the sole idea of weed or using its products. Thorne said she has been working hard towards her venture bit by bit and that needs a creative part which is really important. 

Thorne advised people to smoke marijuana if they haven’t already as it hides some life-altering benefits that could transform lives. She added that Forbidden flowers are all about diving into the medicinal space via marijuana which means they want to explore beyond what other brands are currently doing. 

There’s a lot more to marijuana than just being high, and people should open up their eyes towards the better part of it, said Thorne. However, it is advisable to consume CBD products or other hemp-derived products only if they’re legal, safe and tested for quality. An illegal product with higher levels of THC can lead to a positive drug test which can cause you legal complications. 

*some of the language has been altered in this interview to give a better and clear understanding.


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