Beauty Products That Stimulate Your Senses In Intense New Ways

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There’s serious fun to be had in a new crop of sense-stimulating beauty products. Designed to delight us in the way they smell, look, taste, or feel (or make us feel), these goodies provide an escape from the daily grind.

For a pick-me-up…

Consider L’Oréal Paris’s Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette ($12;, which features 12 warmly toned shadows, each with a fresh, fruity fragrance. “We wanted to build on the sensory factor in eyeshadow application,” says Orrea Light, vice president of product development for L’Oréal Paris. Similarly, Sangre de Fruta’s Psyche-Flower Nectar Face Oil ($114;, which has a deep, herbaceous floral scent, was formulated to “indulge the senses while bringing out the best in your skin,” the company says. The Clinique My Happy collection ($22 each;—inspired by the company’s original picker-upper perfume, Happy—comes in six cheerful new scents. (FYI, your sense of smell is way more important than you think.) Even brushing your teeth can be a good time with Lebon toothpaste ($21;, which comes in flavors like pineapple and green tea.


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For a pop of color…

Companies are also using color and texture to pack extrasensory benefits into—and up the efficacy of—your beauty products. For example, Dr. Roebuck’s masks ($28; are infused with nourishing—not to mention visually exciting—vibrant natural ingredients, like turmeric. OleHenriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask ($36; provides an exhilarating chill while its temperature works to tighten your skin. And Boscia’s Tsubaki and Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleansers ($20 each; and have a playful bouncy-ball shape and let you “easily cleanse targeted areas of the face that are often overlooked, including the crevices around the nose,” says Michelle Fry, the company’s product development director. (Here’s how to turn your beauty routine into a meditation session.)


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For feel-good vibes…

Some products count as a sensory experience simply because they bring a smile to our faces. “For a lot of people, foundation is stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating,” says Maggie Ford Danielson, the chief beauty ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics. Enter Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation ($29;, which has a big smiley face on the bottle to remind you not to take beauty so seriously. Jane Inc. features the logo “comfort and joy” on all its products for much the same reason. Sweatwellth’s new Tinted Lip Balms ($13 each; were formulated with electrolytes to provide optimal hydration.


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For self-care and stress relief…

Rounding out the pack of feel-good beauty items are products that have less obvious sensory benefits but still give you a boost. Jane Inc.’s Less Stress Bath Seltzer ($20; provides physical and mental joy with a blend of essential oils, herbs, and Epsom salts. Then there are healing-crystal-infused goodies like O’o Hawaii Brilliant Feather Beauty Balm ($110; and Pacifica’s Crystal Glow Power Shimmer Body Lotion ($15;, plus a growing supply of cannabinoid-laced products. While the latter don’t deliver psychotropic benefits, they do fight inflammation. Try Lord Jones High CBD Pain & Wellness Formula Body Lotion ($50;, Cannabliss Bliss Body Oil ($60;, and Sagely Naturals Tranquility Cream ($36; (Check out our favorite CBD oil beauty products.)


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Why it’s really worth it:

These products provide more than superficial perks, points out Kelly Van Gogh. The celebrity hair colorist and meditation expert, who is opening No. 8 Kelly Van Gogh Private Client Salon and Meditation Sky Deck in Hermosa Beach, California (where clients can get customized color during the week and enjoy meditation courses on weekends), says that sustainable transformation is possible only if it incorporates your body and senses. So does the world really need scented eyeshadow? Well, yes, especially when that momentary burst of bliss can alter not just your day but possibly your life.


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