AUTUMN is the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine


TURN OVER A NEW LEAF…… Let it glow with an amazing range of products (Image: getty)

This week we’re looking at some of the game-changing ingredients that are set to transform your skin.


Move over retinol, this year’s most exciting new skin-smoothing ingredient is something that is usually poured over pancakes.

Scientists have discovered that maple leaf extract is a natural anti-ageing powerhouse that can soften wrinkles. 

It also supports elastin production, the protein in skin that keeps it looking plump and smooth. 

There are some exciting new maple leaf skincare ranges launching in the new year but a few beauty brands are ahead of the game and are incorporating maple leaf sap and other extracts into their products.

• Garnier Ultimate Blends Maple Body Lotion Dry Skin, £5.99 ( is packed with maple sap and castor oil, which are rich in nourishing fatty acids and known for their soothing qualities? 

• Evolve Organic Beauty Miracle Mask, £22 ( contains sugar maple extract, which gently exfoliates the skin to leave a bright and even-toned complexion.


Cannabis is one of the hottest trends in beauty. It contains compounds called cannabinoids (CBD) that have potent anti-inflammatory properties. 

cannabis oil

CBD is rich in antioxidants and moisturising fatty acids (Image: getty)

CBD is completely different from THC, the active compound in cannabis that has a mind-altering effect. 

CBD is derived from hemp and offers the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

It has multiple skin benefits, being rich in antioxidants and moisturising fatty acids and it won’t block pores.

• MGC Derma CBD Active Hydrophilic Make-up Remover, £38 ( removes all traces of make-up while reviving skin and preventing breakouts.

• Optiat Purifying Hemp Face Mask, £17.99 ( is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It contains organic hemp husks that act as a gentle exfoliator to deep-cleanse the skin.


Probiotic supplements are good for gut health, helping to calm digestive issues and strengthen the micro-biome. 

Now research has shown that when applied topically, probiotics work in a similar way for your skin.

The top layer of the skin is covered by a layer of healthy bacteria. 

This forms a protective barrier that fights infections and prevents damage from pollution. 

Probiotic skincare can encourage the growth of these healthy bacteria. 

It is good for all skin types including sensitive, acne-prone and city dwellers.

• Medik8 Balance Moisturiser & Glycolic Acid Activator, £45 ( is a mattifying moisturiser that feeds the skin’s microbiome with probiotics. 

It comes with a glycolic acid serum that dissolves dead skin cells, meaning the moisturiser can penetrate more deeply. 

• Exuviance Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence, £54 ( is good for people with ageing, stressed or sensitive skin. 

It targets the skin’s natural barrier, rebalancing and strengthening the complexion.


You may not have heard of it but vitamin F is a skin-nourishing ingredient set to take the beauty world by storm. 

Also known as linoleic acid, vitamin F is intensely hydrating and plumps the skin by saturating the moisture barrier with essential fatty acids. 

It also acts as a carrier oil that helps other active ingredients such as antioxidants to penetrate the skin.

• Perricone MD Essential Fx Eyelid Lift Serum, £89 (perricone contains vitamin F and helps smooth eyelid creases and lift sagging skin.

• The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F, £14.90 ( blocks pigment production while increasing cell turnover.



Coffee wakes the skin by boosting circulation (Image: getty)

Coffee has been used in cellulite-smoothing body lotions for years but it is now popping up in everything from lip masks to eye creams. 

Packed with antioxidants, it helps to wake the skin by boosting circulation and reducing puffiness. 

It also shrinks blood vessels, calming redness and flushing.

• Hello Jo Bright Eyes Jelly Mask, £20 ( contains caffeine as well as vitamins A and C, fruit oils and extracts to reduce puffiness and brighten dark circles.

• The Inkey List Caffeine Serum, £8.99 ( combines coffee extract with the peptide matrixyl and promises to reduce puffiness, boost collagen and fight free radicals.


Checking food labels for chemical additives is second nature for many but now more and more of us are examining the small print on skincare for nasty ingredients too.

With research suggesting we absorb up to 60 per cent of the products we put on our skin, the demand for chemical free and natural skincare is growing.

• Stripped Lavender Eye Make-Up Remover Oil, £8 ( is 100 per cent organic and free from chemicals, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. 


The Stripped Lavender Eye Make-Up Remover is 100 percent organic (Image: getty)

It contains just four ingredients, including lavender essential oil? 

• Ren Skincare Overnight Recovery Balm, £40 ( is a soothing blend of olive, almond, borage and linseed oils and contains no nasty additives.

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