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Buyer Beware: Supplements

Weight Loss

The proven ways to lose weight are eating healthful foods, cutting calories and staying physically active. Sellers of weight loss supplements might claim that their products will help you lose weight by blocking the absorption of fat or carbohydrates, curbing your appetite or speeding up your metabolism. However, there’s little scientific evidence that weight-loss supplements can do this. Many are expensive, and could interfere with medications, while some might actually be harmful. Be very cautious when you see weight-loss supplements with tempting claims, such as “magic diet pill,” “melt away fat” and “lose weight without diet or exercise.” If the claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Green Light these Supplements

There are some supplements we just need more of due to rising rate of nutrient deficiencies caused by over processed foods and changes in our environment. One of the focuses of Organic & Natural Health Association is to educate the public about common nutrient deficiencies and the power that nutrients have in improving our health. You can measure your levels of all three of these nutrients in one simple at-home test kit at Here’s why you should green light these supplements with your daily routine:

Vitamin D: 9 in 10 Americans are deficient why you need it: Interacts with 30+ tissues in the body and plays a prevention role in diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, depression, obesity and pregnancy complications.

Best sources: Sunshine, wild salmon, egg yolks Supplement recommendations: vitamin D3 form (not D2 version).

Omega-3: 98% of people not in optimal range

Why you need it: Dials back inflammation improves brain and heart health.

Best sources: mackerel, halibut, cold-water fish

Supplement recommendations: Antarctic krill or fish oil with specific DHA/EPA amounts listed.

Magnesium: 50-80% Americans are deficient

Why you need it: Prevents heart disease, improves energy production and blood sugar regulation and reduces cramping.

Best sources: Whole grains, almonds, peanut butter, avocado, dark chocolate

Supplement recommendations: Take orally at bedtime to relax muscles and promote restful sleep or soak in an Epson salt bath.

Sleep & Pain

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, CBD supplements have been all the rage to help with pain

and sleep but according to recent statements from the FDA, hemp-derived CBD is only legally approved as a drug

for epilepsy. Some retailers, however, are adding to the confusion by hyping hemp to take advantage of the

consumer interest in CBD. For example, Amazon controls nearly 40% of all e-commerce in the United States and

conducts more consumer searches than Google. Its official policy prohibits the sale of hemp products containing

CBD/cannabinoid, but search the term “CBD” in Amazon’s search engine and more than 10,000 products will

match your request. Organic & Natural Health Association put Amazon’s bestsellers, New Age Premium Hemp Oil

and Cultivax to the test by hiring an independent, third-party lab and found little or no CBD in these products that

are tagged as “CBD” on Amazon. Howard says this is misleading and consumers should steer clear of Amazon for

quality hemp and CBD products.

Energy & Performance

Often labeled as sports performance supplements, these supplements may claim to give you more energy, improve

strength or endurance and help achieve performance goals more quickly, or increase your tolerance for more intense

training. They might also claim to prepare your body for exercise, reduce the chance of injury during training, or

assist with recovery after exercise. Be cautious that many of these supplements may say they have studies to back

their claims, but much of the research is often done in young healthy men, not women, middle-aged and older adults

or teenagers. Another word of caution: Many studies haven’t looked at the use of supplement ingredients or

combinations in people involved in the same athletic activity as you. For example, the results from a study in

weightlifters might not apply to you if you are a distance runner.

For more nutrition tips follow Organic & Natural Health at:

National Vision Board Day

National Vision Board Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in January.

Vision board parties began in 2010 between a group of friends as a way for people to get together in a fun environment to set goals, cast vision and dream out loud in a tangible way by creating vision boards they then mount on their walls. Seeing their hopes and dreams helps set in motion for these visions to become a reality. Many actors, musicians, fashion and entertainment-based people have been participating in this since its inception. Vision boards help people remember their goals and visions on a daily basis.

For more information:

Motivating and communicating with teens

Vanessa Baker, local mother of eight as well as business, educational and parent-teen coach, is bringing her skills on all these levels to the community with her new company, Vanessa Baker Mindset which offers counseling for teens, parents and families as well as individualized courses on relevant topics. Baker offers the following tips for helping families connect through communication this season:

  • Maintain the Golden Rule Member when mama used to say, “Treat people the way you want to be treated”? That is true when speaking to teens, too. Keeping in mind the way they may appreciate being spoken too versus trying to speak in a tone that could be construed as condescending, even if it’s unintentional.
  • Check that Agenda make a point to talk with teens and children on a regular basis, not simply when an issue arises or there is something to “deal with.” This encourages positive communication and will open the door for children to feel comfortable reaching out to their parents when there is a real issue they need to talk through.
  • Come Clean Relating to others and one’s own children often comes in the form of vulnerability and authenticity. It’s okay for children to see their parents as “flawed.” In fact, it’s a great way for them to see parents as “human” and therefore easier to communicate with when they have made a mistake or feel “flawed” themselves.
  • Lend an Ear Be prepared to fully engage and really listen to children and teens when they are ready to talk. Instead of preparing for a “teachable lesson,” offering advice, adding in a story or using the conversation to nudge about grades or what’s happening with their friends at school, simply listen. This will help them open up and eventually build trust and connection.
  • Lighten Up! Raising teens is no laughing matter. It can be tough. But it can also be fun! It’s okay to turn off the “parenting” button for just a little bit and allow some relaxing, goofy chill time to laugh and connect with teens on a deeper level connecting as two people versus “parent” and “child.”

For more information: visit: or phone: 602-821-6143

Arizona Fine Art Expo

Starting today and for the next 2 1/2 months, get creative, inspired and motivated through art at the Arizona Fine Art Expo! Renowned artists from across the globe convene on North Scottsdale to create original, one-of-a-kind pieces for sale in 124 studios. And, you’ll get a chance to meet the artists, watch them in action, and learn about their techniques, spirit, and what inspires them.

  • Arizona Fine Art EXPO
  • Open daily Jan. 10 to March 22 from 10 am to 6 pm
  • 26540 N. Scottsdale Rd. in North Scottsdale
  • SW corner of Jomax & Scottsdale Road
  • Season passes cost $10; season passes for seniors and military are $8; children under 12 are free.

For more information: or phone: (480) 837-7163

Arizona Bridal Show

  • January 11 – 12, 2020
  • Phoenix Convention Center South Building
  • 9am-3pm
  • $12 Admission at the Door
  • to purchase tickets
  • Ultimate Wedding Package Giveaway to one lucky couple.
  • Up to 80% off gowns
  • 350+ Exhibitors

For more information:

For information on other bridal products:

PHOENIX magazine’s Best New Restaurants list for 2020

Persepshen’s inclusion in PHOENIX magazine’s Best New Restaurants list for 2020. Opened in October and is knocking it out of the park.

  • Married co-owners are a butcher and baker, respectively.
  • Cultivated a following of foodies at farmers markets for many years, before opening restaurant.
  • Cool, semi-historic building uptown. Formerly housed Hula’s. Part of a flourishing Uptown dining/culture scene, including the new Arrive Hotel, due later this year.
  • Culinary philosophy. Jason has a “whole animal” culinary style. Butchers an animal and creates a dish from it. When the animal is gone, so is the dish. So the menu is very dynamic.

For more information on Persepshen: or phone: (602) 935-2932

Persepshen 4700 N Central Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85012

For more information:

2020 Dating Terms


Usage: ‘We were so together, but he went all Ross on me insisting we were on a break!’

Definition: When you date someone casually or are not officially a couple, and they pull you up for seeing other people ‘We were on a break!’

Dog Fishing

Usage: ‘He dogfished me, I swear I only agreed to a date because he has a cute dog’

Definition: When people rely on a cute animal in their profile picture to secure a date.


Usage: ‘It went from chatting every day to nothing, he totally Elsa’d me!’

Definition: When someone suddenly freezes you out without explanation.


(Inspired by Keanu Reeve’s new unexpected girlfriend)

Usage: ‘He did a total Keanu, I wouldn’t have put them together at all’

Definition: When you get together with someone new and it’s a match that surprises people.

Deja Eeew

Usage: ‘I got total Deja Eew seeing his face again’

Definition: The feeling of repulsion when you are browsing a dating app and come across an ex or someone you’ve dated previously.

To learn more about dating trends visit:

For more information on Dr. Gilda Carle, Relationship expert visit:

Baby Safe Homes

Todd Watkins runs a local baby proofing company who specializes in securing furniture to ensure safety to children and prevention of accidents just like this that happen more often than you can imagine.

For more information: or phone: (602) 332-3565

Baby Safe Homes: 2539 E Mescal St, Phoenix, 85028


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