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by | March 4, 2019

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses that teens (and adults) can face. Anxiety in teens may either be the main problem or it can alternatively be a side effect of a larger issue. It can come in waves, show-up temporarily through stressful times, or it can always be hovering over your teen’s shoulder. No matter the case, there are ways that you can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety with a good treatment plan. Here are four tips on how to help your teen cope with anxiety.

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Anxiety In Teens- How To Help Them Cope

Seek professional help

If you think your teen is suffering from anxiety (which is commonly also associated with depression) the first thing you should do is seek professional health in order to see if anxiety is a side effect of a larger, underlying cause or not. With this information, you and your teen’s doctor can work to find the best treatment.

Create a safe environment at home

Being sure that you have created a safe and welcoming environment at home that they know they can come to and relax is one of the most important things you can do. Anxiety in teens can be caused by family tensions, hearing about money issues, or even not having the quiet time that they need. This task needs participation from all members of the household in order to have a healthy home environment.

Have a set schedule

Minimize day-to-day anxiety in teens by having a set daily schedule for your teen to follow, this can be posted on a whiteboard in their room as well as in a small daily planner for them to take to school. Having a schedule for them to count on will help relieve some anxiety when it comes to school or extra curricular related stress. Leaving encouraging sticky-notes on their schedule board can also be small, successful encouragements to help them keep their chins up.

Try natural remedies

Turning to natural, anxiety-fighting remedies is a good way to supplement any professional help they may be receiving. Yoga is one of the best anxiety-zapping exercises that can help them relax, distress, and refocus. Any other exercises that require focus and practice are also viable alternatives (kickboxing, running, dance…). Other options include aromatherapy, CBD products, and following a healthy diet.

How do you help your teen cope with anxiety? Let me know in the comments below.

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