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There are a lot of contentious topics out there in the modern age. As I write this article, talks of a third World War are taking place. There are still battles ongoing over sexism in areas such as the workplace and the legal ages for certain products remain under discussion. Another topic which always has been, and will probably always be, under discussion is that of drugs. Drug use is particularly prominent among young people and it’s actually showing signs of accelerating- there has never been a bigger drug crisis. More and more people are getting involved with the craze and something has to be done about it- there are too many dangerous drugs out there for no action to be taken.

There are, however, certain drugs or medications which can be put to a more positive use if they are used in a safe and sensible manner. Out of all these, CBD tends to be the one most people have heard of and it’s the one I’ll be talking about today. In recent times, CBD has become a widely used product across the USA in particular and it is only continuing to grow in popularity. There are a lot of reasons as to why this is the case, but it is a simple fact that more and more people are using it every day. Just why is this, though? What actually is CBD, what products does it produce, and could it help you? Read on to find out in my complete guide to CBD products such as CBD gummies.

What is CBD?

CBD is a product that stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the many products that are derived from the cannabis plant, and this tends to be the starting point for a lot of controversy over its use. A lot of people mix up CBD with marijuana, which also comes from the cannabis plant and gives users a high. However, the component of the cannabis plant which gives people a high is actually known as TCH- this is different entirely to CBD. Because of this, when people use CBD their mental state isn’t altered in any way like the ways a high-producing product would. In short, using it doesn’t make you high.

I’ll talk more about this later, but CBD can be used in a variety of different ways. While a lot of people choose to smoke it, it can also be used in creams and lotions and can even be taken as an oil. Despite a lot of the controversy surrounding its uses, it’s actually been made legal in quite a few states in recent times and more and more people are using it than ever. Cafes are selling it in their coffees as an extra sales tactic, beauty shops are using it in their skin products and spas are using it with their treatments- and that’s before we even talk about the potential medical uses.

So what are its medical uses, then?

CBD is believed to have a wide variety of health benefits, and the majority of people who back this up are those who have actually used the products themselves. One potential use is for the treatment of chronic pains- for instance, a lot of people with severe back pains have been known to incorporate CBD into their treatment plans. In a lot of cases, this happens because they start out on ordinary, prescribed medications that they find aren’t actually working. Because of a lack of success, they look for more experimental methods and therefore move onto CBD. In effect, CBD acts as a sort of neurotransmitter and can be pretty effective at blocking pain receptors. This therefore makes people feel a lot better when they use it. Due to the reported success with these kinds of methods, more and more people have started using it as a painkilling method even before using traditional methods. Personally, however, I would always recommend starting out with methods a doctor recommends to you before going onto options like this.

CBD products have also been said to help a lot with mental health issues. It’s no secret that mental health is a big problem in our society today- more and more people are suffering from illnesses than ever and this is particularly the case among younger generations. It isn’t easy to treat these kinds of illnesses, however, and a lot of people find that the medications they are on aren’t working that effectively. Because of this, they elect for the more experimental options I’ve mentioned and they use CBD. CBD has been found to relax the mind and body simultaneously which is great for treating conditions such as depression and anxiety; plenty of sufferers have claimed that CBD has been instrumental in making them feel a lot better. Again, this reported success has led to a lot of people using CBD for these kinds of issues.

What’s the opinion on CBD?

Despite a plethora of reported cases of CBD helping people greatly with both physical and mental issues, the general public opinion on its use has always remained fairly mixed. On one side of the argument, a lot of people say that the number of reported successful cases should be enough to convince people that its use is a good idea. These people say that CBD’s ability to help people with chronic pains both in the body and in the mind is almost unparallelled and more people should start to use it. These people tend to have seen the positive effects up close (if their friends or family have been treated with it, for example) and therefore try their best to convince others of its potential. It looks like they’ll continue to do this.

On the other side of that argument, however, are people who are convinced CBD is bad news. They often cite the lack of concrete scientific research when it comes to these kinds of products and says that we don’t know enough to be using them in this capacity. There tend to be different groups of people on this side of the argument; people who believe CBD should be banned altogether, and those who simply believe we need to gather more research before we can use it in this capacity. It remains to see whether their worries will be dampened.

Does CBD actually work?

As I’ve mentioned already, there tends to be a big debate over whether CBD actually works. Due to the fact that it’s quite difficult to perform research in this area of science, there is actually a big lack of scientific research when it comes to CBD products and the majority of positivity comes from personal accounts of people who’ve used it for medical benefits. The people who have used it say that their accounts should be enough to prove that CBD does work and that it’s safe for everyone to use. Those with physical pains have reported improvements and those with mental issues have reported great upturns in the mood. If these accounts are to be believed, CBD could be great for us.

The lack of research, however, does mean that we’re lacking the knowledge of what we’re actually putting into our bodies. If we don’t know every little thing about it, is it really safe to use? Lots of people argue that there could be long term dangers if we use CBD and we just don’t know it yet- this has really added a bit of spice to the debate over whether it should be legal.

Who sells CBD products?

As I said above, CBD products have grown exponentially when it comes to popularity in recent years. So many different places are incorporating them into everyday products (cafes with coffee, beauty shops with their products, etc.) and chances are, if you live in a state where it’s legalized, you’ll see it about the place quite a lot. There will most likely even be a shop near you that sells certain little products for even the mildest of health benefits. Buying CBD online is really common as well- if you type CBD into Google or another search engine, the chances are the top results will be companies trying to sell you their products with information about the compound itself a bit further down. This goes to show just how popular it has become a marketable product in recent times.

There are a lot of companies that sell CBD products and one that’s caught my eye recently is the Paradise Candy Company. They started out their business in 2009 and over the past decade, they’ve become one of the biggest CBD suppliers out there (and it’s not hard to see why). They have a great range of products to all sorts of people and you should give them a look if you want an example company to check out.

What kinds of products are there to buy?

There really is a great variety when it comes to the kinds of CBD products you can buy. For example, as you will have noticed from the title of this article, it’s possible to buy CBD gummies. These are more or less like sweets, so it won’t even feel as though you’re taking any medication and yet you’ll still get to experience all of the medical positives. Muscle rubs and healing balms that can be applied onto direct bits of your body are also really popular purchases (think back pains, tight muscles, etc.) and can act as alternatives to painkillers.

CBD oils are also among the most common purchases. These have proven to be especially popular with people going through great pain, whether it be physical or mental. I’ve read about a number of people with chronic back pains using CBD oils, while it’s also been said to have a great impact on mood.

Who can use CBD products?

As you can probably guess, human beings are the most common users of CBD products. We use it in a variety of different forms (oils, gummy sweets, creams) and we use it to treat a number of different conditions such as chronic back pains or depression. If you want to use it frequently you will have to spend a fair amount of money, but the people who do use it claim that it’s well worth it. The debate among populations over its suitability as a painkiller has long been debated, but if the number of personal accounts out there are to be believed it could be a great option.

People also tend to give CBD products to their pets whenever they may need them. Just like us, pets can go through a lot of pain after an injury of some sort and ordinary painkillers may not be doing the job for them. In cases like this, owners tend to result in using CBD products which are specifically designed for animals. These kinds of products are also great at settling the nerves of our beloved pets whenever it may be required (if a dog is frightened of fireworks, for example).

What should you look for in the companies that you’re buying CBD from?

As I’ve made clear already, there are a lot of companies out there that use CBD in their products and sell CBD products to the public. This means you have to make a decision- who are you actually going to buy from? The main thing I’d recommend looking for in a company is reliability, as there are a lot of dodgy companies out there. Some sell dodgy products that don’t work, some might take a very long time to deliver and some might even sell potentially harmful products. That’s why I strongly recommend getting online and reading as many reviews as you can. If you check out what other people say about companies selling CBD, you’ll be able to get a good idea of who can be trusted and who can’t. Make sure you follow these steps to make sure you’re getting the best quality CBD products for you.

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