8 Anti-Aging Products Facialists Love to Use on Their Clients

Savor Beauty Double Cleanse Kit ($84)

One of the most important anti-aging skin care steps for those living in a polluted climate is cleansing. Toxic fumes in large cities have been proven to accelerate premature aging, so in order to get all the grime off your face, Angela Kim, founder of Savor Beauty, has the Savor Spa facialists start every treatment with a double cleanse. “The Coconut Jasmine Pre-Cleanse Oil’s coconut melts off even the most stubborn makeup and the lavender pulls “bad oil” out of pores for clear complexion,” explains Kim. “Next, the Pearl Cleansing Cream’s organic ginseng root extract detoxes for smooth skin, rose flower water balances pores, and crushed grape seeds gently exfoliate.”

Source: https://www.newbeauty.com/slideshow/2919-anti-aging-products-facialists-love-to-use-on-their-clients/

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