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The average health-conscious person assumes desserts are off-limits.

While it’s true traditional desserts are packed with unwanted sugar and fats, it’s important to maintain a balance by seeking out healthy desserts. This is why it’s important to take a look at CBD infused desserts and their advantages.

Here are the top seven CBD desserts to try out.

Cheesecake Bites


* Flax Egg (1)
* Vanilla Cream (5 Drops)
* Baking Powder (1 Tsp.)
* Almond Flour (1/2 Cup)
* Maple Syrup (1/4 Cup)
* Cacao Powder (1/2 Tsp.)
* Coconut Oil (1 Tbsp.)
* Salt (Pinch)

For Filling:

* Vanilla Bean Powder (Pinch)
* Almond Butter (1/2 Cup)
* Cream Cheese (1 Cup)
* Stevia (1/4 Cup)
* CBD Oil (3 Droppers)

Begin by preparing the chocolate bites. This includes setting the oven to 300 F. While waiting, it’s time to take out the mixing bowl and add cacao powder, almond flour, coconut oil, and salt before mixing.

Set up the dough on parchment paper and create small bite-sized pieces (inch or two). Move them to a baking sheet and put in the oven for 15 minutes before allowing them to cool at room temperature.

For the filling, mix the ingredients and begin adding them to the bites one by one. Make sure everything is covered.



* Creamer (1/2 cups)
* Espresso
* Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate (1 Tbsp.)
* CBD Oil (1 Dropper)
* Sugar (1/2 Tsp.)

Being by mixing the sweetener and chocolate and then add the CBD oil. While preparing the espresso, use this mixture to add flavor. Blend all ingredients and enjoy the beverage.

There are several ways to use CBD oil for coffee whether it’s lattes or frappes. Each person has a unique preference as they considering using CBD oil for coffee and that’s what makes it an amazing addition.



* Vanilla Extract (1 Tsp.)
* Nutmeg Oil (3 Drops)
* Maple Syrup (3 Tbsp.)
* Hazelnut Milk (15 oz)
* Chia Seeds (2 Tsp.)
* CBD Oil (1 Dropper)
* Coconut Meat (1/2 Cup)
* Cinnamon (Pinch)
* Sea Salt (Pinch)

Begin by blending all of the ingredients in a blender to make sure it’s consistent. After it’s ready to go, take the milk and strain it using a strainer. This helps preserve its quality especially if it’s being stored.

Chocolate Scones


* Chocolate Chips (1/4 Cup)
* Organic Cane Sugar (1/3 Cup)
* Flour (2 Cups)
* CBD Oil (1 Dropper)
* Orange Juice (2 Tsp.)
* Almond Milk (3/4 Cup)
* Baking Powder (3 Tsp.)
* Sea Salt (1/2 Tsp.)
* Cherries (1/2 Cup)
* Orange Zest (1 Tbsp.)

To prepare the scones, begin by heating the oven at 400 F and set up a baking sheet. Now combine the salt, baking powder, flour, and sugar in a mixing bowl. Continue to mix and add the remaining ingredients until everything is similar to a soft dough-like mixture. Place the mixture into small triangles on the baking sheet and bake for at least 20 minutes or so.

Chocolate Mousse


* Dutch Cocoa Powder (1/4 Cup)
* Dates (6)
* Avocados (2)
* Water (4 Tbsp.)
* Agave Nectar (4 Tbsp.)
* Vanilla Extract (1/2 Tsp.)
* CBD Oil (1 Dropper)

To prepare the mousse, it’s best to start with a food processor. Toss in the cocoa powder, agave nectar, dates, water, and vanilla extract and mix everything until it’s smooth. At this point, it’s time to add the remaining ingredients. Continue to mix until it’s the desired consistency.

Chocolate Cups


* Maple Syrup (2 Tbsp.)
* Cacao Butter (1/4 Cup)
* Coconut Butter (1/4 Cup)
* Cashew Butter (2 Tbsp.)
* Matcha Powder (1/4 Tsp.)
* Peppermint Extract (1/2 Tsp.)
* Sea Salt (1/8 Tsp.)
* CBD Oil (1 Tsp.)
* Mint Chocolate (3/4 Cup)
* Vanilla Extract (1 Tsp.)

Start by using a boiler to melt the chocolate and then use cup molds to divide the batch. Place this batch into a freezer for at least 10 minutes. At this point, it’s time to take out the mixing bowl and whisk the remaining ingredients. Now add the mixture into the cups and let it sit in the freezer for 20 minutes.



* Apple Sauce (2 Cups)
* Flour (4 Cups)
* Agave (1/2 Cup)
* Cocoa Powder (2 Cups
* Granulated Sugar (3 Cups)
* Vanilla Extract (1 Tbsp.)
* Chocolate Chips (2 Cups)
* Cocoa Nibs (6 Tbsp.)
* Salt (1 Tsp.)
* Sunflower Oil (1 Cup)
* Baking Powder (1 Tbsp.)
* CBD Oil (1 Dropper)

Separate dry and wet ingredients into different mixing bowls. Mix each bowl ensuring the mixture is consistent. Now pour the batter into a baking pan while adding cocoa nibs on top. Allow the pan to bake at 325 F for 15 minutes before cooling the brownies at room temperature.

With CBD oil for coffee (www.direwolfholistic.com/cbd-oil-for-coffee), it’s possible to make the most of a modern diet. Yes, it’s not easy to give up traditional desserts but this is a nice way to find a happy balance between both worlds. With the inclusion of these CBD infused desserts, it’s possible to enjoy great-tasting treats without damaging the body or physique.

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